Intro to 2015 Movie Countdown

Update: Added 2 movie to the list. The number is now 33.

Update 2: In early March, I realized I forgot one movie. The number is now 34.

Here we stand at the end of another year. As we look forward to a new and exciting year of new soon to be hits, we also look back fondly at the impressive year in cinema that was 2015. We remember it for both its incredible contributions and for its equally numerous failings.

Many big name movie blogs are doing their Top whatever number films of the year right about now, and I’d like to do one of my own. However, I haven’t seen nearly as many as those sites have. I have seen 34 movies in 2015, give or take a couple. So, I decided to tackle this topic a different way. Throughout the month of January and leaking into the month of February, I will be discussing all the movies I saw this year one by one, starting with the worst and leading up to my personal best.

Some of you have been with me for a while and are probably thinking the same thing. Didn’t I do a 2014 Movie Countdown last year without finishing it? Yes, I did. I made it to the #4 slot and matters caused me to discontinue the countdown. So, why am I trying this again? Because, I found a way to make it work this time.

The 2014 Countdown ran into many problems, the main one being the length of the posts. I sought to make mini-reviews and I did in the beginning before I got carried away. Soon, I was making full-length reviews once a day. This meant I had to choose between regular posts or continuing the countdown. More times than not, I chose the countdown and I got burnt out after week one. Add the stresses of school and life, and it came to the point where I couldn’t continue.

This year I told myself that if I’m going to try this again, I have to be dedicated and work for completion this time. So I’ve set parameters to make sure I don’t mess this up.

This time, I am setting a cap on these kinds of posts. All of the 2015 Countdown posts will be between 300-550 words. Sometimes I will go slightly above that, but I think 550 is plenty to get my point across. Also, while my goal is one post per day, I’m not committing to that format. Life is going to get in the way of posting, but the length of these posts will allow me to write several of these in one day.

Keep in mind these will not be in-depth reviews of these movies. These posts will contain my general and brief thoughts on these films. I actually have made full reviews of many of these movies. In those cases, I will link those posts as they come up in the countdown.

With that said, these are the movies I’ve seen in 2015 (in order of release, not final order). You can refer to each film individually from here as entries are added, or go in order by clicking where it says “start here”:

I’m only counting movies I saw all the way through. There are still a couple more movies I want to see from last year that may end up on the list. If I see them before the first 7 days of January, they will be eligible for the countdown. So if you see the numbers change on some of the first posts, that’s why.

One final word of note. This is my personal list of movies. This is just my opinion, so please don’t be offended if you don’t agree with my rank.

Come back often throughout January and February to keep up with the list. I will be starting with my worst film between today and tomorrow to kick things off.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!

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