Update (12/22/15): Plans for the Rest of the Year and Early 2016

Greetings peeps!

This will be my last update of 2015. Lately I’ve been doing a bit too many of these anyway. There’s just 9 days left until 2016, so let’s lay out the remainder of my post ideas for the year as well as announce a potential idea for next year.

I do plan on doing the Mid-Season Reviews for Empire, Supernatural and Big Bang Theory. However, I’ll be putting it on temporary hold until at least next week. This week I want to complete some of the last SBR reviews of the year.

There will be at least two reviews this week for Creed and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Creed’s review should be completed before Christmas, while I plan for Star Wars’ review to be posted on Christmas day. But since it’s Christmas, I want to make it special. That’s why I will be making both a regular spoil-free review and the site’s first ever spoiler review for Star Wars. That’s two reviews in one day.

There’s still two other reviews I’m considering for before year’s end. One is of a movie I saw a couple weeks ago on Netflix called Ridiculous 6. The other is for what will probably be the final new movie I see in 2015, Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2. Neither of these are set in stone, but it’s a consideration.

For the rest of 2015, I’ll also be making “end of year” posts. This will include Top 5 lists, maybe 2 SBox Soapboxes and a couple SBR First Impressions (because I’ll probably be getting new games this Christmas). As for what they are, I’m not sure. I’ll take this time to just post what comes to mind; play things by ear. I have some ideas, but nothing set in stone.

One thing I’d love to do is go back through all the updates and try to do all the things I promised but never did… or at least all I can. I make a lot of promises. However, after 2015 all the things I can’t get to doing will be taken off my backlog. I’ll be starting 2016 fresh with a New Years resolution of not making promises I can’t keep.

There’s a couple ideas I want to do like the Kingdom Hearts post, the Analyses on Uncharted and Power Rangers’ upcoming films. One thing I may get back to completing just to say I did it was the 2014 Movie Countdown. That way, it can make way for my first order of 2016: the 2015 Movie Countdown.

I know what you’re thinking. I must be out of my mind trying to do this again when I couldn’t even finish the first one. However, I reevaluated the way I went about the 2014 Countdown and thought of ways to make it work. If I decide to go through with it, you’ll hear me explain it more on New Years Eve before the countdown will begin. Otherwise, I’ll settle for the much more manageable Top 5 best films of the year along with a Worst movie of the year post.

One last thing I’d like to mention since this will be the last update before New Years Day is the order of college. Indeed, I’m not dropping out… yet. Similar to back in August, posting will become slow during the school semester. Classes begin January 11 and end May 8th. Just a heads up.

So that’s all I have for now. We’ll talk more soon, but until then I hope you all have a Merry Christmas (or holiday) and a Happy New Year. For all my peers on winter break, I hope your having fun while it lasts. For all my friends up North in this bizarre winter, thanks for lending us Southerners your cold weather, and enjoy our heat. One more thing. It’s been an honor having you all for this fun blogging year. Thanks for letting me entertain you, and see you in the next update 2016.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!


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