SBox Quickie: Amiibo Names


I recently got my hand on some more amiibo figures, and have been faced with the difficult task of assigning each a name. This is a dubious and stressful duty as I face the pressure of making the names as clever and imaginative as possible. There are so many variables to consider. Is your name original? Is it clever? Do I go for a pun or should I just name it whatever? How many people are using that exact same name? The struggle is sometimes too real to bare. Alas, I do it anyway, because it’s fun.

Today, I thought I’d share with you some of the names I’m currently using for my eight amiibo and share my ideas for amiibo I don’t have yet. You know, because I plan ahead.

All of my amiibo names are puns. That being said, some are kinda clever and others are groan worthy. Nevertheless, it’s the best my puny mind can do. I encourage you to use them if you like them, and leave a comment telling me some of your best amiibo names. Oh and all the amiibo I’m mentioning are from the Super Smash Bros. line-up, since that’s the only one I care about.

The characters’ actual names are in regular font while the amiibo name is in bold. Any extra words like articles (a, the, an) are in parenthesis.

Already Have:

  • Mario Lopez
  • Dominic (the) Donkey Kong
  • TuPac-Man
  • Ness Lee
  • R.O.B. Lowe
  • Howard (the) Duck Hunt
  • Mr. Game & Watch Me-Whip
  • Mewtwo Chainz

The rest are names of amiibo I don’t have yet. Behold my genius:

  • Luigi Anna
  • Pikachu Baca
  • Roli Poli Olimar
  • Pana Sonic
  • Link Edin
  • George Lucas
  • Marth A. Stewart
  • IkeA
  • Charlene-Izard
  • Red Robin
  • Yoshi Fine
  • Mega Manuel
  • Little Mac Donald
  • Samus Erindelle
  • Love and Wario
  • Jiggly-Powerpuff
  • Greninja Rule
  • Rest In Peach
  • Rosebud-alina
  • Arm-Pit
  • Dark Pitfall
  • Pure Captain Falcon
  • Jamie Fox
  • Jack Kirby
  • P Diddy King
  • Web Bowser
  • Waterloo-cario
  • Sean Palutena
  • Ganon-Dorthy
  • Hammer-Falco
  • Bowser Jr. Mints
  • DenZelda
  • Meta Knight-Wing
  • Dr. Mario Puzo
  • Iron Shiek
  • Tiny Toon Link
  • Subzero Suit Samus
  • (The) Villager People
  • King Dedede Doo-Op
  • Lucy-na
  • Shulk Hogan
  • Wii Fit Meghan Trainer
  • Cloud Nine
  • Mii: SBox

As you can see, this amiibo naming thing is harder than it sounds. Hopefully this helped some of you pick a name for your amiibo, or at least entertained you. Feel free to use any of these you want. True I have some pretty lousy puns at parts, but can you do better? Let me know your best amiibo names.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!

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