My Quick Thoughts on Cloud in Super Smash Bros. (Announcement)

Congratulations Nintendo! You have just obliterated every Smash fan’s expectations in under three minutes. This is probably the most pivotal characters reveal yet. It changes everything. Whatever we thought were pipe-dream before Thursday night are suddenly realistic. Something tells me that this ballot is going to be very interesting.

I envy those who saw the announcement live or were smart enough to avoid social media before seeing the show. I had class at the time, so I sadly couldn’t see it live. Once I got out of class, I absentmindedly went on Facebook, totally forgetting I followed the Smash Bros page. Eventually I saw Cloud and immediately scrolled up. As I didn’t get the greatest look, I convinced myself that Cloud was a Mii costume until I saw the direct for myself. In the back of my mind, though, I knew that wasn’t the case.

So, while I may have spoiled the surprise for myself, I did save the important thing for the direct: Cloud’s gameplay. I’m glad I waited for that, because he looks like a lot of fun.

First a bit of a confession. I’m not a Final Fantasy fan. It was always a series I talk about getting into, but never did. Four years ago I attempted to get into the series by playing (prepare to facepalm) XIII-2. That was a bad decision for what are now obvious reasons.

That being said, I have tried another game in the series, VII, out of curiosity. My experience with Final Fantasy VII is minimal at best. I first played the game via an emulator last year and haven’t finished it yet. I do remember having fun with it though. I’m not into turn-based RPGs, but that game strangely appealed to me. Someday I’ll get myself a legit copy and play it through.

I’m actually looking forward to Final Fantasy XV and VII remake. Those sound and look amazing, and I think those will be my entrance into the series (fingers-crossed).

Does that mean I wasn’t excited about Cloud getting into the game. Absolutely not. I’m very happy for Final Fantasy fans who’ve been clamoring for Cloud to be in the game and now got their wish. At the same time, I’m happy because every new character added is a new character for me to play. Either way, this is a good thing for everybody.

Now let’s talk about his gameplay. I’ve seen the reveal trailer several times now, trying to get an idea of how he’ll play. On the surface he seems like any other swordsman, but he has his perks. I’m getting a Shulk vibe from him, mainly because his sword is ridiculously big. I’m happy to see that unlike Ike, he’s pretty fast on his swing.

He also seems very powerful, especially in his smash attacks. His forward smash seems to be three strong slices, and his down smash seems to have a lot of range. Actually, one of my favorite things about the character is his range. He seems to reach pretty far, which will make him a pretty big threat.

But what’s going to make this character special is his Limit breaks. I assume, like Little Mac, you’ll build up your limit meter as you hit and get hit, allowing you to perform devastating attacks. Unlike Little Mac, though, he seems to have several of these insta-kill attacks. This can either become the cheapest thing ever or the best thing ever. Either way, they look like so much fun to pull off.

There were other aspects to the reveal that went a bit over my head. For example, what are the chocobos going to do in the game. I couldn’t tell if Cloud is summoning them or if their assist trophies. Likewise, I’m sure there are a lot of things I didn’t even catch from the trailer. No matter, though. Just based on what I know, this character may be one of my new go-to characters.

Hopefully, everyone realizes how big this announcement really is. As I said before, this changes everything in terms of DLC characters. The reason Cloud was so shocking is because this character has nothing to do with Nintendo. Absolutely nothing! You can make arguments for Ryu and Pac-Man, but there is no such argument for Cloud. Honestly, I don’t know how this happened; it’s still really hard to believe.

From this moment forward, any doubts you had for any third-party character is moot. Anything is possible. You can tell me Master Chief is in the game and I won’t be shocked anymore. Could this be a one time thing? Absolutely. But this just proves that Nintendo won’t rule anything out as long as it makes people happy. That means my vote for Crash Bandicoot is not in vain after all.

The only character this doesn’t help is Geno. Sorry buddy, but if Cloud gets in before you, it’s all over.

Hope you all enjoyed the trailer and the direct as much as I did. This post is a bit late because I was originally working on a Nintendo Direct recap which is taking a bit too long. So I thought I’d at least get this out to you. As for the Nintendo Direct recap, if you don’t see it by tomorrow, it’s not happening.

Let me know in the comments whether your thoughts on this announcement!

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “My Quick Thoughts on Cloud in Super Smash Bros. (Announcement)”

  1. Wow, it’s like you read my mind. I for one am not a big final fantasy myself either though I did very much enjoy FF X, now that was a game you can sink your teeth into. I have mixed feelings for Cloud Strife, though not a character I would have opted for, It is still nice to have another character to play and also opens the door for other 3rd party characters and that my vote for Banjo Kazooie was not wasted. Maybe we will both get lucky and Crash & Banjo will get to Smash it out in SSB4. Keep up the good work.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Why thank you!

      I’ve always wanted to play Final Fantasy X. Again I’m not usually a fan of turn-based RPG games, but there have been exceptions to the rule. I love Paper Mario, so why not try X, right?

      I’m glad you agreed with what I had to say. I’m also glad you voted for Banjo because I forgot to. It would be nice to have the two other plat former icons in the same game as Mario and Sonic. Though, I believe Banjo has s better chance. If Phil Spencer okays their inclusion, anything is possible.

      Liked by 1 person

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