Analysis: The Big Bang Theory Season 9 Predictions

“So Golum, you’re an expert on spoilers. What should I do with these ones?”

We’ll analyze them, of course. It’s that time of year again. The end of the quiet TV summer season is near. This time next month, everyone’s favorite sitcom about nerds is coming back for its ninth season. And while it’s common to say the previous season’s finale was among the craziest one said show ever had, Big Bang Theory’s Season 8 finale was sincerely the craziest finale I’ve seen in a while. It’ll be hard to top that one.

Before we return to Chuck Lorre’s Pasadena on September 21, we have quite a lot of information already released about the next season. Some of them are rumors, but some could be accurate. Today let’s weed through these leaks and discuss their accuracy.

Somewhat similar to last year’s predictions post, I’ll be covering each character separately. I’ll clump some together if I have something similar to say about each.

Note: Season 9’s premiere episode will take place a couple hours after Season 8’s finale. The synopsis for the premiere episode is that Penny and Leonard reach Las Vegas. Everyone gathers at the Wolowitz’s house to view the wedding online where Sheldon confronts Amy about their relationship status.


Based on what we know so far, this season may be all about Amy. After all, she was the one that set the biggest shocker during Season 8’s finale. But it’s also because she’s the only character who appears to have an established arc so far.

To refresh your memory, following their dating anniversary where the always oblivious Sheldon screwed up during their date, Amy breaks up with Sheldon; more accurately she needs space to find herself.

We’ve learned a couple things regarding where she goes from here. She will pursue other men for example. This suggests that the break up won’t be resolved quickly. The only way to suggest otherwise is if Amy was already cheating on Sheldon which is hard to believe.

How long will it take for Amy to find new love is hard to say. Perhaps she never finds someone longstanding and jumps from partner to partner. I do see them making an episode based entirely on Amy finding a date, though. A quick theory that comes to my mind is maybe Stuart becomes Amy’s new boyfriend. They have dated before, after all. Who knows?

It’s also said that Season 9 will feature flashbacks which will go further into Amy’s backstory. This is something very fascinating, especially since she’s one of the characters we know the least about. We’ve heard hints here and there over the years. The mother was very conservative and therefore so was she. She had no friends and even less social skills. Remember, there was a time when Amy was just like Sheldon, but she grew to become the Amy we know today. A revisitation of that will be interesting.


As previously mentioned, Sheldon was dumped by Amy during the finale. However, this was made even more tragic by the fact that Sheldon had planned to propose to her that very instant. (Refer to the above quote and replace “spoilers” with “rings”).

Sheldon will have a lot to do this season, but its often very difficult to predict his actions. We still have to question how he’s taking the whole situation. A potentially funny concept is if Sheldon doesn’t know he’s been dumped since Amy didn’t use the exact words. He then formulates a new proposal plan. Unfortunately, the synopsis doesn’t point in that direction. He’ll most likely have a slow reaction to it which will build with each episode. In Season 4, Sheldon dealt with not being friends with Amy by buying a bunch of cats. It’s easy to say this may devastate him. Either way, he’ll be oblivious as to why.

It’s been confirmed that we’ll find out where he got the ring in the premiere episode, most likely by telling Howard, Bernadette or Raj. The question I have is if he’ll use it anytime during the season. Obviously the first episode present the best oppurtunity which will most likely end in rejection. That doesn’t rule out that Sheldon won’t fight for her, and against any guy Amy ends up dating. Perhaps they’ll get engaged during the Season 9 finale.


And now for cliffhanger #2, where Leonard and Penny drive to Vegas to get married. Suddenly, Leonard reveals to Penny that he drunkebly kissed another girl during Season 6’s North Sea expedition. Will they make it to the altar?

It seems like they will. The first episode has a gathering to view the wedding so it will probably take place. Plus, a man in his 50’s was casted for an unspecified role that’s almost guaranteed to be a priest. Whether they get that knot officially tied is the real question.

I’ll go with no. I see a big chunk of the episode being a debate among Leonard and Penny as to whether to officially do this that eventually ends with either a postponement or break-up- and I lean more toward postponement. Or perhaps they will complete the ceremony and annul it later.

Interestingly, we’ll actually meet this mystery girl in the second episode. She’ll be played by actress Melissa Tang, who you may know as an extra on various sitcoms. But, why?

Leonard may seek her out in order to show Penny that the kiss didn’t mean anything. Maybe Penny may want to confront her. Maybe this woman seeks Leonard out, which could be interesting. Wouldn’t it be insane if she comes to Leonard’s door saying ‘I’m pregnant”?… Or there could be other reasons.

My theory is that Tang appears in a flashback. For it to be any other way sounds unnecessary, but that’s just me.


I separarted Leonard and Penny’s sections because of one rumor pertaining only to Penny. I’m hearing a great noise that we’ll finally be finding out her last name. If that’s true, that’s awesome! But there are people taking this to mean something else.

Rumors are pointing to the idea that Penny is actually related to someone in the main cast. This gives a good reason why Penny’s last name was never specified, and this revelation could be a major setback to Leonard and Penny’s marriage.

I’ll admit that this is a creative theory pertaining to the series’ biggest secret. Do I believe it? No. It’s a bit too outlandish in my mind, especially depending on who she’d supposedly be related to. I’d put my money on Sheldon as it makes the most sense. If it’s Leonard, the show officially jumps the shark. In fact, this is all starting to sound like creepy fan fiction.

So, I think Penny’s name will remain a mystery. Think about it this way. We may not know the last name, but do you know who does? Leonard! And he’d catch something like this very quickly.


There are no Raj related rumors, so this is pure guesswork. We last saw Raj with Emily as he reluctantly agreed to have sex with her at a graveyard. He suddenly decides to try breaking it off, but gets cold feet.

Will this relationship last through next season? I’m leaning toward yes. I’m totally willing to believe that Raj will break up with Emily sometime throughout the season, but it’ll take a long time. Besides, I don’t see Raj getting any better of a match than Emily. Just to build up another girlfriend for Raj will be too difficult.

Howard, Bernadette & Stuart

Finally, we combine our remaining cast members. Howard and Bernadette are now living at Mrs. Wolowitz’ house, and can’t shake their permanent house guest, Stuart. When they tried kicking him out last season, they got suckered in by those pesky emotions.

As I said in Amy’s section, I have a slight theory that Stuart will be Amy’s new boyfriend. That way Amy finds a love for Sheldon to battle, and Stuart can move out of the Wolowitz place. Amy always wanted someone to move in with her. Stuart has nowhere to go. It’s perfect!

Otherwise, I see Stuart being kicked out within the first five episodes until ultimately living with Raj or getting his own place to live. If Leonard and Penny move in together next season, I can also see Stuart living with Sheldon. That way Sheldon won’t have to live alone, and Stuart- who will totally put up with Sheldon’s antics for shelter- has a place to stay. Really anything can happen.

Hope you giys enjoyed my predictions. Let me know what your predictions are in the comments as well as what you thought of mine.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!

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