Why I’m No Longer Making an Anniversary Post

Greetings peeps!

So, if you’ve been following my posts as of late, you’d know I recently celebrated the 1 year anniversary of this blog. I wasn’t able to give a proper, special post at the time since I just came back from a vacation at the time, but I did make a post simply to thank everyone for reading for the past year. If you wish to see that post, here it is.

Anyway, in that post I promised to make a special post in honor of the occasion. I threw three ideas at the wall and told you to wait until the end of the week to see said post. Unfortunately, not only was that post a no-show, I fell off the face of the earth the next week (yes, I went to Disney World again). So, yeah, it’s been over two weeks since then and I have nothing to show for it.

What basically happened was this. I tried all three of those ideas out, and all of them fell flat.

The Top 5 post that gives you more details about me was one of them. It’s an old draft from December that’s mostly done, but I feel that as of right now everything minus maybe two of those facts have already been said in past posts. So, I opted not to do that.

The one I really wanted to do was revisit my Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie reboot post. It made the most sense since it’s the most viewed post on the site. I figured some new developments should’ve came to light in a year’s time. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough new information to warrant the second post. The only thing I found was that Robert Orci left the project and the movie was pushed back to January 2017.

If I had at least one more big thing to go along with it, it could possibly work, but that’s not how it is. I’ll definitely do this post in the future once I get more information; preferably casting and story information.

The one that I settled on was Part 5 to my Super Smash Bros Character Probability series. It was going to cover the Smash Bros ballot and weigh the probability of some of the most requested characters getting into the game. I made progress on that post, then the further I got into writing it I started losing interest. For the time being, I don;t feel like carrying this post out, and it wouldn’t be fair to you guys if I phone it in.

At this point, it’s yesterday and I realized something that made me come to this decision. I realized that I have been purposely setting ideas that I really want to do aside in favor of the anniversary post that I’m not interested in. As a result, I’ve had little will to go to the computer and type. So I decided last night to bury the plan altogether. I may do the Smash Bros post again, but not now.

Keep in mind I have put 3 reviews to the side in favor of this plan. One is half done, but is no longer relevant: Jurassic World. The other two haven’t been made yet, but they are recent releases: Minions and Ant-Man. So, now that I’m not worrying about the anniversary post, I’ll get at least 2 of the three reviews out. As far as Jurassic World, I may just save that for when the DVD and Blu-Ray comes out. I figure that by now, anyone who wants to see it, has seen it twice. I’ll do it now if you guys want, but I don’t see the point anymore.

So, basically, the anniversary post is dead, and I’ll start working on reviews and other posts now. Sorry if you were looking forward to it, but hopefully the alternative will suffice.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!

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