My Thoughts on Sony’s E3 2015 Press Conference

This week is E3 week- the annual event where miraculous gaming announcements practically reign from the heavens for our viewing pleasure. Need I say more? Nope, I’d rather just start talking impressions on what was shown.

Continuing with the E3 coverage, let’s discuss repeat Day 1 closing act Sony. Before we start, click here for my predictions post from last week as I will be referring back to it.

I’ll admit to have entered Sony’s conference with low expectations. I mentioned that this would be a tough year for Sony with Microsoft’s pre-E3 display having more promise. Then I actually saw the Microsoft conference which didn’t help my outlook much. However, what I saw was just… man I didn’t see that coming! Sony came and aced it on every front. I applaud them!

I by no means thought they were going to have a bad show, but I did think they wouldn’t have nearly as many surprises as they did. I was right in saying all the big announcements will be 2016-bound, but even their 2015 line-up looks better now than I thought. And the gravity of their announcements was so spot-on. It’s one thing to make long-anticipated announcements, but the timing and way Sony handled it made the greatest impact compared to the competition.

So let’s one-by-one go over what was shown. I won’t be covering everything, but I will comment on the big stuff and the things that I personally found exciting.

The show actually began with one of the major announcements. Even if you knew The Last Guardian was going to be shown, I don;t think anyone expected it to be the first thing out of the gate. The demo was pretty cool. The PS4 has definitely served the game’s visuals well, and the gameplay was just as awe-inspiring as it was intense. This game made me feel for a giant rat with chicken legs and a tiny wings. Do you have any idea how hard that is to accomplish with me?

The Guerilla Games’ new IP Horizon Zero Dawn impressed me as well. The concept is definitely cool with modern humanity being seen as elders who disappear and leave behind machines that rule the earth. It’s not your average post-apocalyptic story. As for the gameplay, it’s right up my alley with it’s action-adventure/third-person-shooter style. And the artstyle is fantastically vibrant and colorful.

I’ll cover the new Hitman more when/if I discuss Square Enix’s conference, but I will say that I like both this trailer and the one shown at Square’s conference for different reasons. Sony’s got me hyped while Square’s showed me more of what I want to see.

Street Fighter V added two new characters to their roster which is pretty cool. I’m not as hyped as the rest of the world for this because I suck at Street Fighter, but I’m happy for the fans.

Media Molecule, the other notable bearer of new IPs for PlayStation, graced the stage with a very different kind of game, Dreams. It’s bold to say the least and has a great artstyle. This game both in concept and trailer is difficult to explain. I don’t really understand it, but I like it.

Firewatch is another interesting new game. The trailer makes it look okay, but the gameplay found outside the conference improves the game’s image. An open-world adventure game with a comedic vibe. I approve.

What? Was The Last Guardian not exciting enough for you? Then try this for size: Final Fantasy VII remake! This is one of those moments where even if you don’t like or (in my case) haven’t played FFVII you can at least be happy for those many cheering fans who have wanted this for too long. I’m excited to see how it goes. I’ve been looking for a way into the Final Fantasy series for years with no success. (Let’s just say XIII-2 was not a good introduction). Between this and XV, I may get my chance.

There was also World of Final Fantasy, which we know very little about. They mentioned more about it at Square’s conference, so I’ll save my brief thoughts for then.

Still not excited yet? Well, aren’t we difficult! How about Shenmue 3? Some criticize the fact that Kickstarter announcements don’t belong at E3, but I didn’t mind. Hell, the exposure got the project funded within hours, so I guess it worked for many others, too. I want to try Shenmue 1 before I play this, but I’m really glad this was announced. I have probably two years to get my hands on the first one.

They started talking about PlayStation View and their eventual solution to cable. I already have Xfinity, so I’m not in the market. However, it’s really cool that you can get channels individually without resorting to packages.

I couldn’t wait to get more gameplay of No Man’s Sky. It wasn’t the flashiest demo, but it does give you an idea of how it’ll be like to just pick up and play. Whatever, I still want it.

I was spoiled by the morning’s showing of HoloLens, so Morpheus just seems standard now. It’s not that different from Oculus Rift at all. It’s still impressive, though. I also like how, like Microsoft, Sony didn’t harp on this too much.

How can we forget Titanfall 2… I mean Call of Duty Black Ops 3 was also shown. Not a COD fan, so not interested. However, I will say that my COD-crazed little brother was impressed, thumbs up for that I guess.

Let’s skip over the Disney Infinity showing and talk Star Wars Battlefront! Oh EA, why have I forsaken thee? This looks awesome! I like how you aren’t just limited to shooting for multiplayer. You can also use walkers and X-wings and lightsabers. I’m freaking sold!

And that only leaves the one game I most wanted to see at the conference. Uncharted 4 was the reason I chose to buy a PS4, so I was excited to see more gameplay. (It’s all I have till the game comes out). I loved what I saw. We got our first shot of Sully, who up until now was only heard from in last year’s trailer. It’s definitely a return to form in terms of combat and gunplay, but the exciting part was the chase scene with the jeep. That demo was just what I wanted to see- suspenseful, action-packed, and fun gameplay.

(Oh, and you gotta love those technical difficulties! Am I right?)

Those were my thoughts on the show. Let me know in the comments what you thought about Sony’s conference.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!

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