Mini-Update: Nintendo Predictions/Smash Direct, Jurassic World & Whatnot

Greetings peeps!

There will be a slight change of plans as to my coverage of Nintendo at E3. Hopefully you all will prefer this method better.

Last week I began my “E3 Predictions Week” where I was to share my predictions on the Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo conferences which will begin showing tomorrow. I was able to get Microsoft and Sony posts up, the only one left to discuss was Nintendo. I had planned to get the post made by Saturday, but due to traveling and prior commitments I couldn’t get the post done.

Because of this I was about to spend all of today making a predictions post, but at this point I figure the idea of a predictions post would be meaningless seeing as we will see the show in a couple of days. Besides, today was the Super Smash Bros direct (which I did watch). I figured the best course of action is to just skip predictions for Nintendo since I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the Big 3’s shows anyway. I have a lot of posts to make this week given the time of year, and I figured this is a necessary cut.

To balance things out I am going to make a Quick Thoughts on the DLC pack that launched with the Super Smash Bros Direct similar to what I did with Mewtwo. As far as covering the actual event, I’ll be combining all of Nintendo’s activities this E3 into one post. This will be easier on me and for all of you. So thoughts on this show will be incorporated with my coverage of Nintendo’s conference Tuesday.

These cuts have a lot to do with the announcements that will be made outside the main 3 conferences that I can cover. For example, I’ll cover individual announcements from the EA, Bethesda, Ubisoft, and Square Enix conferences. But they also have to do with the Jurassic World review I want to make. It’ll be late, but I intend on making a review as soon as all the E3 coverage is done. Next week is when I want to post it.

Other then that, E3 has officially begun, and I’m as excited as many of you are. I can’t wait to share this time with this site for the first time. It’ll be fun.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!

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