Saying Goodbye to an Opinionated Man

This will be a quick post and it’s of no relevance to anything I usually do on this blog. Honestly this post could’ve served just as well as a comment on this person’s blog. However, if this is truly goodbye and if he is to see whatever I would say, I figure it would be more fitting to go about it in this fashion. So bear with me.

To Mr. Crushman,

(I really hope you read this.)

How ironic is it that when I return from a long absence that I would look at my Reader and see your “HarsH Goodbye…” post at the very top of the feed? I’ll try not to take too much of your time with fluff. Allow me to start off with a story. Maybe it’s the same story you’ve heard from tens of thousands of others, but humor me for a bit.

It was almost a year ago when I first became acquainted with your name. It was July 14, 2014. I made my first post which was an introduction post; you know, like a lot of people do when they first open a blog. I didn’t have any followers besides the one WordPress gives you. That’s when I get my first real follower: you.

Told you that you’ve probably heard this story before, but I hope that you realize the gravity of what that meant. I hope you go on your merry way fully comprehending how much your consideration and time meant to the little guys like me.

When you followed my blog, you gave me a golden ticket. You gave me an invitation to the hottest party in town: a platform that allowed anyone to thrive. You single-handedly created WordPress’ e-convention. Everyone gets their own booth to set up with no barrier of entry. You can advertise your existence by commenting on your articles, guest blogging, or just standing in the corner and looking pretty. Whatever you do someone is bound to notice you, and the ability to be seen is something many of us first-time bloggers don’t get off the bat. Yet I, along with over 55,000 others, were granted that opportunity. Is it no wonder you’re often called the “welcoming committee”?

But that’s not the only thing worth noting when it comes to HarsH ReaLiTy. You were also a fantastic blogger. People come out of courtesy and for the promise of expansion, but they stay for the posts. You’re a master poet, a natural storyteller, a poster child for blunt honesty, a blogger mastermind, and a reliable comic. Never once have I been disappointed with a post you make. You have literally made articles with one word and a picture, and it fucking trumped anything anyone else could do with those resources.

But my favorite aspect of HarsH ReaLiTy was that you are one of the kindest, wisest people I’ve come across online. You’re unspoken policy was to almost always reply to comments. Sure anyone can do that, but I’ve always looked forward to receiving your replies. You never came off as arrogant or holier-than-thou despite being one of the big guys on this platform. Never would I get a snarky shrug of a reply. You shot the crap with me just as you would with the next guy. That’s what I’ll miss most.

You have left a legacy behind over here, and I hope that never fades your mind wherever you go from here. You talk about hunting treasure to which I wish you abundant amounts of luck with. Whatever your bounty is (whether you’re kidding or not) I hope life provides it for you easily. I say easily because you’ve allowed me to gain my treasure on here easily.

Thank you for the help, support, fun, and tips you’ve provided to me and many others! Thanks for letting me be a part of what you’ve created. Just being here has granted me both exposure and inspiration. I realize several aspects of my blog have been inspired by what you do, so thank you Jason!

If we ever meet, let’s grab a beer. I suggest we meet in Canada where the drinking age is more my level. 🙂

Best regards!

~SBox180, The Ranting SBox

To my viewers, I apologize for being away so long… again. This week I’ll be making prediction posts for E3.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!

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