Update (5/19/15): Graduation, Summer Schedule & Whatnot

Greetings peeps!

Yes it’s true, these updates are no longer weekly nor biweekly. As I said in my last update a little over a month ago, I feel that the timed update system is subject for change. There will no longer be a consistent time-frame where I’ll post updates. They will be random in nature to allow for the content of these updates to become more meaningful.

This actually was a bit of a debate for me because it was pointed out to me once or twice that the weekly nature of these updates were a unique and desired attribute to this blog. It allowed for more than just discussing blog-related matters. I really try to open up in my posts, especially through updates. That’s why I bring in matters and situations currently going on in my life; not just because its relevant to the activity of this blog, but because as followers of the blog I feel you deserve the explanation.

Don’t get me wrong, that’s not going to change. I’ll continue to discuss my life matters in these updates as I see fit, because I still find that aspect very important. But I noticed a pattern of me making these updates simply to meet a self-established deadline. In effect, I ended up saying the same thing over and over again. I feel this is the way to make the quality of these updates better, as I’ll have more time to develop more ideas to share in updates like these.

With that said, allow me to get into specifics at this time.

First, I would like to apologize for being awful quiet the last week or so. This was an accident brought upon by the confusing nature of how I’ll handle a couple of upcoming posts (namely two). On top of that, the last few weeks were emotionally hectic for me and my family. Unfortunately, I can’t get into specifics on the one affecting me the most, but I can share one which leads into the topic of how I’ll go about the summer.

Wednesday, May 6 was my last day of high school. For the first couple of days this allowed me to make posts at a much more rapid rate than before, but I wasn’t exactly done with school until a couple days ago. I still had to attend the senior award ceremony (of which I was awarded a scholarship), a “senior checkout” to finalize and resolve all obligations and ties to the school, and a graduation rehearsal. Finally, Monday morning was my graduation, meaning that as of yesterday I am officially and undeniably done with high school.

With that said, how will the activity of this blog change during the summer. I’ve mentioned before that once I finish high school that posting will become easier and it will. I predict that by June you’ll begin to notice a change in number of posts made here. For right now, I’m still dealing with a couple things in my personal life and getting acquainted with my former “laze around the house” lifestyle. The only things to get in the way will be pre-college/family matters.

What a great time to be blogging, too, since summer promises a lot of opportunity for material plus time to initiate ideas I’ve had for the almost year I’ve been doing this. I’ll start by breezing through posts you’re already aware of.

Hopefully this time will be the last time I will be discussing the 2014 Movie Countdown. We’re currently down to the top three films, which proves to be a more dubious task than expected. These last three are great films with a lot of aspects I could go on about for a full review. However, these are meant to be mini-reviews.

What has been holding this up was actually an accident. I actually had already written most of the next installment and saved it to my flash drive a month ago. It needed some tweaking because it’s a difficult movie to discuss. It’s Interstellar by the way. What ultimately halted my progress was that I misplaced my flash drive, thereby losing the draft. I guess this is a blessing in disguise because I can now rewrite it properly, but it certainly dragged this out even further than it already has.

I’ll start writing a post for Interstellar as soon as possible, focusing on brevity for the last three installments so I can get them out of the way at last.

The next thing actually concerns a great number of posts which have one thing in common: they’re all TV posts. Yeah, the most underused section of my blog (not counting Random because it’s newer) will finally get its time in the sun. That’s because all of the TV shows I’m watching minus a couple are coming to an end. These posts were supposed to be posted close to each respective show’s season finale, but for one reason or another couldn’t happen.

My current plan is to cover just three shows. I originally had more to discuss but I dropped some shows along the way. I’ll basically do a Quick Thoughts on the recent season of Big Bang Theory, Scorpion and Supernatural. I may do two posts for Big Bang and Supernatural only because I made predictions posts for them beforehand and may address them singularly.

To make up for the lack of shows to talk about, I have a post talking about my thoughts on the new season of Red vs. Blue that I’ll attempt to do soon. I may do a Season 2 predictions post for The Leftovers since that starts in June. Lastly, remember the plan I had to review a short-lived show called Selfie? If I finish the series and find inspiration, I’ll dig up the draft that’s been sitting in the site’s storage and finish it up. Screw relevancy, I liked this show.

There are another two ideas for TV posts I have which involve my newest segment, Newcomer Chronicles. I have two potential candidates for the next one, Doctor Who and Entourage. I started Doctor Who months ago, but once I get deeper into it I’ll make an installment. But you may see the Entourage post before that because me and my family are watching that for the first time to prepare for the fast-approaching movie. And yes, I’ll be seeing and reviewing the movie when it comes out.

There are other subjects for Newcomer Chronicles that go beyond TV, but I’ll get to those as we go.

On the gaming side of things, I don’t have specific plans with one caveat: E3. This will be my first E3 with this blog and I refuse to slouch when it comes to covering E3. What I may do is make some prediction posts the week before the expo, but I am most certainly going to cover the actual press conferences the week of. As far as I currently know, I’ll only be looking at the “Big 3” this year, saving the surrounding information for a fourth post. That way I can cover only the things I care about.

And that ladies and gentlemen is a wrap for now, I would like to thank all of you for your continued patience and understanding with me. I hope to get production of posts going quicker the next couple of weeks. I promise that at the very least it’ll be a fun summer for us all.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!


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