My 2014 Movies: 22 Jump Street (#6)

I’ve been discussing comedies for several slots now. But it appears that this is the last dedicated comedy on the list. Ladies and gentlemen, my comedy of the year goes to 22 Jumpstreet.

22 Jump Street is the sequel to the 2012 reimagining of popular 80s show 21 Jumpstreet. Our two favorite cops, Morton Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Greg Jenko (Channing Tatum), return to the Jumpstreet division in order to bust another drug operation. This time, it’s at a college where a new drug called WHYPHY killed a student of the university. With this new case come new obstacles, new situations, and a whole bunch of new jokes with the duo plus Captain Dickson (Ice Cube).

Lately I’ve been more descriptive with these film summaries, but there isn’t a lot of story to talk about here. Besides, this is pretty much has the same film structure, just done better. If you’ve seen the first Jump Street movie, you know what to expect here.

The first Jump Street movie was a pleasant surprise. I am a fan of the original TV show, so I went into expecting the worst; then the trailers showed that this has almost nothing to do with the show besides canon. Focusing more on the duo made the film so much more enjoyable than anything you’d expect a film about the show could be. I remember looking forward to 22 Jump Street but fearing that the first film was just lucky. Lo and behold, this is debatably even funnier than the original.

I think the greatest indication that this film was to be trusted was the second scene of the movie. In this scene the movie visibly and bluntly conceded to the audience that it realizes exactly what it is (a sequel) and will therefore stick to the same structure as before, but build upon the existing foundation set by the first film. Anyone who already saw the movie may already knows what I’m talking about. That is the most appropriate summation of the film.

Don’t get it twisted, though. This doesn’t mean the second film is a rehash of 21 Jump Street. I almost want to compare this movie to what Hangover Part II was to the first Hangover movie. Both the Jump Street and Hangover sequels were structurally similar to their predecessors, but changed just enough to qualify it as new.

Where 22 Jump Street stops being similar to Hangover Part II is that 22 Jump Street surpasses the original in terms of quality.

If you ask me, 22 is so much funnier than 21, and 21 was a really funny movie. The writers didn’t simply recycle the jokes of the original. They made new ones that give this film its own personality separate from 21 Jump Street. The college setting really rubs off on this film’s themes. You get new characters to represent the college stereotypes. College settings such as campuses, dorms, and frats are now utilized. These are just a couple of the things that make this movie a little bit fresher.

But what’s a comedy without the hilarious cast to deliver them. The comedic duo of Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum continue to be the greatest part of the movie. I mentioned a lot of good comedic duos on this countdown, but none of theme compare to this one. It’s probably my favorite of all time. Another fantastic showing goes to the returning Ice Cube. He takes on a more prominent role here than he did in the first Jump Street. His presence is no longer restricted to the headquarters, giving him more freedom to be the all-out crazy badass we all know he is. He’s responsible for some of my favorite jokes in the movie.

There are two more returning cast members who make cameos here and there, as well as a nice celebrity cameo and a great wink to fans of the show. Other than that, there are plenty of new faces who give fantastic performances. The twins, Jenko’s new friend, Schmidt’s new girlfriend and her roommate are the primary standouts in the film.

This film’s soundtrack is almost entirely filled with popular hip hop and dubstep tracks to fit the movie’s tone. The few special effects that are used in the film are awesome, and the commonplace production values are all in standard condition.

This is my favorite comedy of 2014. If you have skipped this silm for any reason other than the fact that you hated the first film or hate films like this one, let those fears lay to rest. 22 Jump Street is worth the time of anyone who loves to laugh.

I hope to enjoy 23 Jump Street anywhere near the amount I enjoyed this film.

View #5 here!

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