Biweekly Update (3/15/15): Spring Break, Birthday, & Whatnot

Greetings peeps!

Glad to be talking to you guys this weekend. I hope you’ve had a great couple of weeks since we last talked.

As of lately I’ve been pretty good. March is an awesome month for me for a good number of reasons. The weather gets a tad more pleasant all around the world with Spring. Then of course there’s Spring Break, which I am currently in right now. There’s also my birthday on the 23rd of the month. I’ll be 18. Currently I plan to have a little birthday bash the following weekend with a bunch of my friends which is going to be fun.

But enough about me. Let’s get down to business. Time for blog news.

As I said before I am on Spring Break as of yesterday. I return to school Tuesday, March 24. That gives me a total of 10 days to get things done here with as much time as I can muster out of it. It’s my intention to get far into this countdown, hopefully up to #5, before I have to focus on my last quarter of high school.

There are only a couple things in my way. The main thing is a paper I have to write. I have a research paper for my American Government class based on a US president. Everyone was assigned a different president and I got Andrew Jackson. Similar to the last paper I had in that class (if you remember back in November), the project also consists of a Powerpoint presentation. Thankfully the poster is optional this time. It’s due March 31.

Before you assume that this will end up like November where I seized all the main content until I finished my paper, that’s not going to be the case. Unlike then, this is the only project I have on my hands at this time. Besides, this paper isn’t going to be hard, because there’s no page minimum to meet. I write the paper as I find it necessary and convenient. This won’t interfere with the natural blogging process.

That said, I acknowledge that I’ve been slacking in content the past couple of weeks. I thought I’d get a lot more done than I did by now. I can’t blame anyone but myself for that. Lately I’ve been occupying myself with music and other things that I haven’t really gave myself time to write. Given that I have all this time on my hands, I will attempt to remedy that.

I will try to write or start writing some sort of material once per day. I’ll also try to break it up with regular posts between the countdown installments I’ll strive to put out.

Aside from the countdown, I have some more ideas for Soapboxes and Analyses.

I want to make an Analysis on the upcoming Rocky film Creed. Now that the synopsis of the film was released a couple weeks back, I feel it’s a good time to discuss and predict it. Unlike other analyses, this gives me the oppurtunity to work with a film with most of the information already established. So, look for that sometime.

I also want to touch a bit of Marvel related topics. I may revisit the discussion of Spider-Man in the MCU, as well as another Soapbox topic I think will be interesting. It’ll get myself in the mood with the premiere of Age of Ultron getting closer each day.

Since I’ve been in an admitted gaming drought, I’ll try to get back to talking about games. I still want to review Super Smash Bros for 3DS and Wii U. And I’m trying to finish Kingdom Hearts so that I’ll be able to discuss that game in that Newcomer Chronicles segment I was always talking about.

Speaking of Smash Bros, I am going to revisit a post I made long ago. Without flat-out saying what it is, it’s one of my most popular posts on this blog mainly for its somewhat misleading title. Maybe that can be a nice hint.

One last gaming idea I have is to start doing First Impressions posts for games on my backlog. I have a bunch of games I’ve had for months that I haven’t touched yet, and this will give me initiative enough to play them. It won’t be too comprehensive; just a quick look at the game from the beginning segments. If I go through with it, you’ll see a couple this week.

Another topic idea involves the band Queen. As some of you may recall from a past post, I’ve been listening to them a lot lately, and that hasn’t changed. (My Queen shirt came in the mail Friday). So I have two ideas I may go with. One is a Top 5 list, which I haven’t done in a while, and the other is an Analysis on the upcoming film.

One final idea I wish to share with you is that I want to revisit the TV section of the blog. As the end of the shows I currently watch draws closer, I will make a post giving my predictions. I’d definitely revisit Big Bang Theory and Supernatural, but also give predictions for shows like Scorpion and Blackish. I will also review the dearly departed show: Selfie. Look forward to at least some of these ideas between now and April.

That’s all I have for now. Thank you all for your patience and you support the past couple of weeks. I will try to post more frequently with the time I have starting now. I will get my #8 post for the Countdown posted by tomorrow afternoon if not this afternoon.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!


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