My Thoughts on Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Yesterday morning I was searching my phone during second period and saw the news I thought would never come. At long last Sony and Disney have made the deal of the year: Spider-Man will be added to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

I’m going to just place all other posting plans aside for now so I can focus on this one post. I’ve been saying I was going to post something on the subject since around August. I’ve yet to do so as you can see. Since then we’ve entered a speculation period prompted by the infamous Sony hack of 2014, where we learned that talks between Marvel and Sony have existed and continue to. Now that the information is official, it’s now or never to bring this up; and that’s what I’m going to do finally.

(Skip to beneath the line to see my take on the announcement. I’m sure you already know the technicalities, so I separated the facts from the fun for you. You’re welcome.)

In case you reside under a rock and don’t know, Marvel Studios announced that an agreement has been reached between them and Sony to make Spider-Man part of the elite Marvel character club known as MCU. Within the announcement, a new Spider-Man film was announced which will officially initiate the character into the storyline. This movie will be released on July 28, 2017, squeezing in between Doctor Strange and Thor Ragnarok. However, before then Spider-Man will make an appearance in one of the preceding MCU movies.

To compensate for Spidey’s late arrival and his new movie, several dates for the surrounding Marvel films have been changed. Thor: Ragnarok, Black Panther, The Inhumans, and Captain Marvel have all been delayed in the wake of the news. Thankfully this doesn’t affect the already established Avengers 3 (Part 1 or 2) release dates.

The conditions of the deal have probably took a lot of people by surprise. Luckily for you and me, it’s not that difficult to understand or explain.

  • Spider-Man will be able to appear in any Disney-owned Marvel film from here on out.
  • The 2017 Spider-Man film be distributed under Sony and co-produced by Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal of Marvel Studios.
  • Spider-Man will appear in one of the Marvel films before the 2017 film. The most likely and natural candidate is 2016’s Captain America 3: Civil War.
  • Sony maintains all distribution, ownership, financial, and creative control of Spider-Man as they always have. However, they will collaborate with Marvel Studios as creative consultants.
  • In addition to Marvel being able to use Spider-Man, Sony will also be able to insert Marvel characters in their line of Spider-Man films (Captain America, Thor, etc.)
  • This 2017 Spider-Man film will be a reboot. The Amazing Spider-Man 3 has been cancelled. Sony and Marvel are currently recasting the character to replace Andrew Garfield.
  • Despite the canning of second film series, Sony will continue forward with the already known Spider-Man spin-offs: namely Sinister Six, Venom, and the female Spidey film. Marvel has no involvement with the spin-offs, however.

Okay, let me be the 900 millionth person to say that this is awesome! If you were to ask me before November last year, I would’ve told you there’s no way Sony will ever deal with Disney. My reasons were similar to that of Fox’s three big Marvel properties having very little chance either. I always thought while Sony is financially vulnerable, they were also incredibly stubborn and prideful. These are the same guys who refuse to stop selling Walkmans in 2015. I was so certain that Sony would hold onto Spider-Man until they literately had no choice.

On the flip-side, we all picture Marvel as the businessman with his hand always out in front of Sony and Fox ready to shake. What we learned from the announcement of Marvel’s cinematic lineup was that Marvel was also equally prepared to continue with or without Spider-Man. Remember that before two days ago Marvel was all set to do Civil War without the Black Panther in place of Spidey. Disney was 100% okay with not having Spidey, almost to say “Fine! You’re loss, Sony.”

What makes this deal all the more interesting to me is how much Spider-Man will exist in both sides of the court. The best way I could describe this deal is “meeting half-way”. We all naturally assumed that if the deal ever happened it would be Disney buying the rights entirely. Here, Sony didn’t really lose anything. They still own Spider-Man, but there’s just a bridge that the character will cross every now and then. He can even bring some souvenirs back home with him.

The deal is actually a beautiful thing. It’s the scenario in which everyone wins.

Sony kept their most profitable IP and will make Spider-Man films for as long as they want. They kept creative control, distribution rights, and a new creative consultant. With Disney’s help, influence, and insight, Sony’s Spider-Man films will only increase in quality. (Don’t even try to say if. Disney knows what their doing, and we all know it.)

Disney got their favorite toy back after all these years. Avengers 3 was already set for success as it is, but imagine how much more it’ll benefit from Spider-Man being in the mix. (Son’t even say if. This deal was founded on the idea of Spider-Man joining the Avengers.)

Then of course you have the fans. We all win, because we have all wanted to see the Marvel character fighting alongside his peers. I know I have most certainly won with this arrangement, and am now psyched as hell to see what this will do for what I already know will be great films.

The only people who really lose are fans of the Andrew Garfield series and fans who are tired of seeing the same character rebooted again. Now, I liked the Amazing Spider-Man movies- even Amazing Spider-Man 2. Andrew Garfield is also excellent as Spider-Man, and I was just getting used to him. However, I’m not going to pout about it personally.

For one, a lot of people didn’t like the direction Sony was taking with the franchise. While I liked The Amazing Spider-Man 2, so many others were disappointed and angry by that film. Plus, I still know people who refuse to watch the new films because they preferred the Toby Maguire trilogy. (I like that trilogy, too, by the way).

But this is the best possible scenario at the end of the day. Forget the whole MCU aspect of the deal for a second, and focus on the Spider-Man reboot by itself. The fact that this will not be a third retelling of the origin story is enough reason to have faith. If that’s not enough for the loyalists, the character’s initiation into the MCU will guarantee that this is the be-all-end-all version of Spider-Man. A fourth reboot is not very likely when you already have him tied in. Get used to whoever they cast, because he’s going to be him for a long while.

Speaking of which, the big question now is who will play Spider-Man. I’ve heard a few names mentioned the past couple of days, but the two contenders we know to be considered are Dylan O’Brien and Logan Lerman. There’s definitely a discussion to be had with this, but I’ll save it for another time since this is already a long post. Of the two, maybe O’Brien would be my choice, but there’s a freaking sea of potential candidates to consider. All I want is for the new actor to be good.

That’s everything I have on the subject. Finally this character will stop haunting my draft backlog! I couldn’t be happier about the news, but what do you guys make of this? Let me know in the comments so we can discuss this further.

I’ll end this post with a quote: “With great power comes great responsibility.” Whatever you do Marvel, don’t make Spider-Man your first big mistake.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!

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