Weekly Update (1/18/15): Countdown, Game of the Year, & Whatnot

Greetings peeps!

Happy Sunday to you all, and welcome to the Weekly Update! How are you all on this fine day? I myself am doing pretty well.

Honestly, I wish I could go into detail about what happened this week in my life, but there isn’t much to say. This week was just so average and uneventful. Aside from my mother’s birthday and the 3-day weekend, there isn’t much to say. I could think of one thing, but I’ll discuss that in a small bit.

So, easy for me to get straight into the blog news!

Last week I got four movies deep into the countdown and posted one regular post. I just posted #23 of the countdown today. As it stands right now, I’m incredibly behind for the countdown if I intend to finish by January 31. So, I’ll be going double time for producing these posts and hope to get to at least #15 by next week.

While we’re on the topic of movies. I have a movie I want to review in the future. Yesterday I had the privilege of seeing The Wedding Ringer in theaters. It was so freaking good! But anyway, if I have the time and the means I will review the film for you guys.

You may also see one regular post in this week regarding recent rumors of Spider-Man being in Avengers 3. Now, this isn’t definite, because if there’s one thing I learned last year is that I need to tread carefully when it comes to rumors. But I’ve been wanting to talk about this topic since the Comic Con last year. Now we are waist deep in the rumor cesspool. I think I’ll finally satisfy the hunger this week while I still can.

That’s everything in terms of movie posts. I have one thing to say in terms of gaming posts.

I want to start making my Game of the Year post this week and get it up by mid-next week. This Game of the Year post will be in the form of a SBox Recommends review. It will also be the first game review I made on this blog. I believe I have everything I need at the moment, so no more need to delay. By the end of January I should have it up; I mean I’m already late as it is.

These are my plans for this week and (for the most part) next week. I have one final thing to mention.

I will be out of town from Friday, January 23 to Sunday January 25. I’ll be attending Universal Studios in celebration of my mother’s birthday. I intend to continue posting countdown posts throughout the weekend as well, but you may not see an update from me next Sunday as usual. You actually may not see an update post at all next week. Just a heads up in case you;re wondering.

Thus concludes my weekly update. Thank you all for the support this week, and wish you all a wonderful and relaxing 3-day weekend. Hopefully you all like the shorter format of weekly updates that I have this week. I’ll be playing around with the format for updates the next few weeks to see what works and what doesn’t.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!


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