My 2014 Movies: Into the Storm (#26)

Here’s a film I saw by accident. I remember seeing this one On Demand while I was sick. My mother and little brother were really excited to see this one, and I hadn’t much to do. I knew nothing about the film outside of the fact that there’s a tornado in it. (I didn’t see a trailer or anything). So, I figured I take the gamble. What I found was a decent little film.

Into the Storm is an action/disaster pseudo-anthology movie with elements of found-footage and documentary. In Silverton, Oklahoma, its citizens will become victim to several high-category tornados. This movie follows the story of a group of storm chasers trying to study and record the storm, and a high school vice principal trying to protect one son while saving the other one who gets trapped with classmate in a paper mill. Paths cross along the way.

That’s pretty much as much story as you’ll get from here.

I personally found this film to be a decent little surprise. As someone who didn’t see the movie based on any trailer or previous hype, I was satisfied with the film. Sure the writing isn’t that great and the characters are kind of weak, but the acting is decent enough to keep you going. The special effects are the main reason anyone would see the movie in the first place. To that end, it delivers some nice looking scenes of tornados (one of which catches on fire).

I’ll admit that the film borders on being forgettable, especially in the story department. That’s my main gripe with this movie. As I have said before in this countdown, a film being forgettable soon after the first viewing is a big problem for me. Unlike the Legend of Hercules, however, I actually do remember the action scenes, tornado effects, and isolated dialogue sequences.

Besides that, I am more willing to rewatch this film before I watch any of the films I listed earlier. That gives this film merit in my regard. I wouldn’t recommend the movie if you were expecting anything more than awesome looking tornado effects, which to its defense makes for some awesome and memorable action sequences. The key to enjoying this film is to expect nothing greater than a time-waster.

Otherwise, I would recommend the movie Twister for those who are interested in this concept. It has a better story along with cool tornado effects.

View #25 here!

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