My 2014 Movies: The Single Moms Club (#27)

I guarantee this will be debatable when I say this, but I think this movie got a lot of unnecessary slack. I realize Tyler Perry movies are an acquired taste, many people not liking the Tyler Perry movies released in recent years. However, for a Tyler Perry movie, this one stands out a small bit.

The Single Moms Club has a pretty simple plot. You have four single mothers who’s children go to the same school. They are all called in at once because their children were caught doing bad behavior on the same occasion. Normally they would be expelled, but the principle gives them one other chance to keep their kids in the school. They must decorate and host the upcoming school dance together. At first, they have opposite personalities, but soon become friends as they all relate to each other. They form a club called the Single Moms Club to reach out to struggling single mothers in the community.

As I said, I disagree with the negative reviews this movie received. It’s nothing special, but far from bad. I think one strength this movie has above other Perry films is that it cuts down on the overwhelming melodrama Perry is known for. It still exists in doses, but this film is surprisingly high-spirited. That’s a welcome change to his formula.

I also like the characters to an extent. Well, at least I remember them, which is hard to say for other Perry movies, minus Madea of course. They all have different takes on what it’s like to be a single mom. One isn’t involved in her daughter’s life because of work. Another has constant miscommunication with her daughter because of the conflicting parenting styles. All very relatable situations.

The movie upholds good productions values. The acting is also good, and certain parts of the film can be funny.

I’m not sure if I can recommend this movie to anyone in particular. I mean the reception seems to be unanimous. However, give the film a shot if you find it on TV or on Demand, maybe you’ll be surprised. Again, it’s nothing special and far from must-see, but most certainly not bad.

View #26 here!

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