Weekly Update (1/11/15): New Year, Site Changes, & Whatnot

Greetings peeps!

So, we meet again. This is the first time I ever made a 2-part update, so this is all new to me. At least we’re back to the correct day for these kind of posts. Happy Sunday to you all!

Not going to waste your time with life stuff, because I already told you yesterday. Let’s get straight to the meat of this post. Today I want to discuss changes I’m planning to make to the blog in 2015, what new features I hope to add, and whatever else I have up my sleeve.

First off, I want to thank you all for such a wonderful and fun year I had in 2014. For those of you who don’t know, 2014 was my first year blogging. In that time I’ve accomplished more than I could ever dream of achieving in about 6 months. By the time midnight struck on December 31, I had more than 1,000 views. Such a large number to me if I do say so myself.

To me, 2014 was a year of just dipping my foot in the pool that is WordPress just to see if I would be able to handle it. What I found was that not only was the water fine and the party massive, but that the pool was actually a lot of fun once you get into the groove of things. I’m confident that this hobby is a keeper.

Which is why in 2015 I plan to go all out. There are many things I was considering doing in the future for this site for a while. In 2015 I want to make this site the best it can possibly.

One thing I plan to change is the layout of the site. Currently, the blog is running the Twenty-Fourteen theme, one of WordPress’ free layouts. It’s an okay looking theme, but I want to find a theme that truly captures the mood I want for this blog. I am now prepared to invest in this blog in order to let it achieve it’s greatest potential. So expect the site’s design to change in the future.

One other feature I should’ve enacted long time ago was an email list. Most sites’s have an option to subscribe to a blog via email. I’ve yet to do such a thing because I have no idea how to. I feel this option would be beneficial not only to the blog, but to any person without a WordPress account who is interested in receiving my content. If anyone knows which plugin allows for such a thing, please let me know. Either way, I intend to find out one way or another and implement it into the site.

Last design change I want to make for the blog is a banner for the site. I have a method of doing such and will get to it as soon as I can. By May you should see something I whipped up to properly welcome people to the blog.

Those are some of my site design changes I intend to make. There is one other alteration I want to make to how I conduct posts. It involves milestones.

One thing I’m very proud of is that since we last talked, the blog has reached two milestones of 100. I reached 1100 views shortly after New Years, and 1200 views last week. First off, I am extremely grateful that you are all viewing my content and continue to be the most awesome followers, fans, viewers, and individuals in the world. I thank you with everything I have!

With that said, I believe I am going to have to change the way I approach the milestone posts, aka the Top 5 lists. Because my blog is reaching such a rapid wave of expansion, If I was to continue making Top 5 lists for every 100 views anymore, I’d be making them every week now.

Therefore, I will be exploring an alternative way of approaching each milestone celebration. I don;t want to not show gratitude to you all, but at the same time I can’t keep up with Top 5 lists like I used to. What that may mean is that I will now be picking and choosing when I will be making a Top 5 list for a certain milestone. Perhaps every 200 views now I will be making a special. This is until I find a new way to celebrate a view milestone.

So with all do respect, I don’t think I’ll be making as many of these Top 5 lists as I used to. I know I still owe you guys something for the 1000 views, and I have a draft I wish to post up this week. But I think this is for the best.

Now don’t think I consider this rapidity of views a problem. It’s not. I bounce off the walls now every time I look at the stats. I’m incredibly happy that my content is reaching people and that they are enjoying it. Hopefully you can understand that the way I need to change the way I do things in order to compensate.

That’s pretty much everything I have for you all so far. Man, 2 updates in one weekend is so weird to me. Next week I intend to return everything to normal. For now, thank you so much for everything you guys do. I promise that in 2015 I will do my best to entertain you here. It’s going to be great!

I;m SBox180. Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Weekly Update (1/11/15): New Year, Site Changes, & Whatnot”

  1. I wouldn’t worry about the milestones and giving back to us. You may not realize it, but you already have. You give us a glimpse into your life, opinions, ideas, and passions each time you post something. Going out of your way to try and give us a little more is not necessary, especially when it is an inconvenience to you.

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    1. Thank you, that means a lot actually.
      I wouldn’t call them an inconvenience because I wouldn’t do them if they were. My struggle is to find a balance between regular content and those Top 5 lists. All I’m going to do is spread them out so that I’m not making nothing but Top 5 lists all the time

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