My 2014 Movies: A Million Ways to Die in the West (#28)

This movie wasn’t too bad, especially if you didn’t see the trailer beforehand. Unfortunately, everyone did see the trailer before the movie. When looking from that perspective, this movie may have been disappointing. To me, I think such a critique only remains viable for a set amount of time.

A Million Ways to Die in the West is written by and stars Seth MacFarlane as a citizen of the old west. MacFarlane’s character was dumped by his girlfriend, played by Amanda Seyfried right when he proposes. Her reason is because MacFarlane is too cowardly and poor compared to another man, played by Neil Patrick Harris. With the help of a passerby cowgirl, played by Charlize Theron, he will attempt to get his girl back by challenging Harris to a duel. Eventually, he also mistakenly crosses a famous outlaw, played by Liam Neeson, who now wants him dead.

I have seen two ends of the spectrum when it comes to this movie. Some think its funny, and others detest it. I personally fall in the middle and lean toward it being alright.

One thing that probably killed this movie for a lot of people was how many of the best moments were shown in the trailer. If you’ve seen the trailer, you’ve seen the movie for the most part. You do get your couple surprises in the joke department that make the movie worth seeing.

However, you should also keep in mind that your personal threshold for humor will be contingent to your enjoyment of the movie. If you think Family Guy or Ted was funny, you may also enjoy this. If not, well this isn’t going to change your mind.

Acting is good as is the sound and scenery. The dialogue and writing is, again, contingent on how you feel about Seth MacFarlane films. Cinematography of the movie is somewhat fast-paced for comedic effect. This works sometimes and gets old at other points.

My decision to place this movie where it is doesn’t speak to the movie being that bad. It’s nothing to hunt-down, though. If it comes across your desk one day, its worth a shot. Otherwise, see the trailer for a couple minutes.

View #27 here!

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