My 2014 Movies: Transformers 4: Age of Extinction (#29)

This will be the last movie that I don’t like or wouldn’t see again on this countdown. I’m not trying to please any crowds by saying I didn’t like this movie, because I know hating on Michael Bay’s Transformers films is a very popular thing to do online. I actually like the Transformers films mostly. However, out of the four, soon five, films in this series that just won’t die already, this is one that I actually consider not that good.

Transformers 4 strays a little in its traditional casting as Shia Labeouf’s character is replaced by a new protagonist played by Mark Walberg. Walberg is an inventor who’s falling on hard times and soon to lose his house. He stumbles upon an odd artifact that turns out to be a Transformer. This is apparently odd as Transformers are now being hunted down by the government to either be assassinated or used in experiments. This crossing of roads causes Walberg’s character to go into hiding and assist the Autobots as best he can. This is not helped by the fact that the Autobots also face being used for commercial purposes by a greedy manufacturer.

People have been saying for years that these Transformers films are nothing more than a collection of CG explosions, stupid characters, and stupid dialogue. This would in any other movie be at least a bit entertaining; something that allows you to turn off your brain and have fun. These would be called “popcorn flicks”. If you can enjoy that, the Transformers movies will entertain you.

What’s inherently wrong this time around is that this formula is now so stale and so dull that its charm is pretty much gone. Similar to what I said with the Legend of Hercules, if you make me bored of ten-story fighting robots that turn into cars, there’s a problem. The epic and action-packed third act which was impressive in Transformers 1 is hackneyed the fourth time around.

I feel that at this point Hollywood is trying to see how far they can milk this before they stop losing money. Michael Bay has even said before that he never pays mind to the criticism his films get because he knows they’ll see it anyway. This is sadly true.

All things considered this movie does have good production values. Walberg’s character is charming and is aided by the great performance given. The CG definitely looks nice, too. No one in all these years can say with a straight face that the effects are bad.

For me, this movie boring, but to some others this movie will suffice. The Transformers films continue to have an audience that will probably like these movies just the same as the other three. However, I’m not in that group.

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