My 2014 Movies: Noah (#30)

To call Noah a bad movie would be inappropriate. Noah was not a bad movie, but I don’t like this film much more than the rest of the films on this list. The film could be categorized as controversial in opinion sue to its subject matter. However, I don’t judge the movie for straying from the source material. I just don’t like the direction they went.

Noah recalls the Biblical tale often known as “Noah’s Ark” or “The Flood” (with some very noticeable changes). Russell Crowe plays Noah, one of the last descendants of Abel in a world overran with descendants of Cain. Noah is instructed by God to build a mighty ark which will save two of every animal on Earth, as well as the good people left on Earth. With the help of fallen angels that look like rock giants, Noah’s family, and of course God, Noah will complete the ark in time to escape the world-destroying flood.

Many of you have heard the story before and know where the writers took their liberties from the synopsis. The story of Noah is so classic and rich that you can take the story in many great directions and perspectives.

Whether you like this film or not depends on your personal taste in where the second half goes. This is where many, including I, have gripes with the story. The question of whether mankind as a whole was meant to be destroyed is a good idea initially. It’s clever of the movie to make God a vague presence to keep viewers on their toes. But when you’re climax makes us no longer like or relate to the main protagonist, you start to lose some people. Without saying what happens, Noah becomes an incredibly unlikable character during the climax of the film.

Now, that’s not to say you will not like this sudden change. Again, I have no qualms with altering a source material for adaption, nor do I even find this case outright bad. I was on board for new additions like the rocky angels, the adopted daughter played by Emma Watson, and the whole “Cain & Abel” influence. I just wasn’t the biggest fan of that particular arc of the story. (Pun slightly intended).

This is not a bad movie at all. Acting is phenomenal in this movie. The special effects are breathtakingly gorgeous. The score is ominous, slightly triumphant, and sullen. All production values and performances are perfectly good. This film is possibly better than the films that will follow in this countdown.

But my decision to place the movie this low on the list is because I would be more likely to see the other movies again, while this was probably a one-and-done experience.

View #29 here!

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!


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