My 2014 Movies: The Legend of Hercules (#31)

As we trudge through the lesser movies of 2014, let’s talk of one of the two Hercules films this year. I did not get the chance to see the summer Hercules film with Dwayne Johnson as I think I should’ve. Alas, my first film of the year was the inferior version.

The Legend of Hercules is the origin story of the Greek mythological legend. Here we see him betrayed by his stepfather and sold into slavery due to a forbidden love. With his godlike strength and sheer “wit”, Hercules escapes slavery and attempts to claim back his kingdom from the hands of his stepfather.

Now doesn’t that plot sound like a great basis for a movie? The Hercules origin story is one of massive potential, which is why we’ve seen so many iterations of the story from Disney to Paramount throughout the years. Additionally, Hercules is probably the most well-known of the Greek myths.

There’s one main reason I placed this so low on the list. It’s not just that it’s a bad movie. It’s that this is by far the most forgettable movie I’ve seen this year. Before refreshing myself with the source material, I completely forgot everything about this movie. All I remembered was that I watched it.

Once I looked up the synopsis again, certain scenes of the movie started coming back to me. Unfortunately, none of them were all that impressive or noteworthy. The action scenes were uninspired and dull. The acting wasn’t even all that great. (Insert your Twilight jokes here).

Some of you may question my judgment of this film since I don’t recall the entire movie. However, in the case of what this list is, being unmemorable when your main character is freaking Hercules is inexcusable.

View #30 here!

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