Weekly Update (12/22/14): Vacation & Whatnot

Greetings peeps!

I know its been a while since I’ve posted anything, but indeed I am still alive. Hopefully you’re all enjoying a well deserved vacation this week as I am.

Because of current circumstances, I’m going to minimize the fluff and get right to the update. This update will be shorter than usual because I won’t be discussing individualized posts this time. However, if you wish to know some of my already discussed plans for future posts, you can check out last week’s update here.

First off, my apologies for the inactivity last week. It turned out semester exams took up more of my time than expected. Rest assured I passed them all (I hope). This weekend was also spent packing for today.

You may be asking what my current circumstance is. I am actually on a train heading north as we speak. I guess you can say this post was brought to you by Amtrak. Anyway, yes I am officially on a much needed vacation. I will be in the New York area from December 23 to December 31. I am commuting via train to and from New York, which is a 25 hour trip more of less. There’s no Wi-Fi, but at least the accommodations are nice so far. It kind of reminds me of Uncharted 2’s famous train sequence, but with less armed men.

With that said, I’d be lying if I promised this week would make up for last week. I am seemingly busy with family throughout most of my vacation, especially this week. So, I say consider my presence seldom, or at least indefinite, for the next week or so.

Most of the content you’ll be seeing here will be made during my train rides. I am currently writing out several drafts which will be posted in due time, most which will probably be published tomorrow when I have a reliable source of Wi-Fi. 4G can only get you so far when you’re crossing states constantly.

I still owe you guys 2 top 5 lists which I’ll be working on today. Plus I may touch upon Sony, Amiibos, and Spider-Man. That SBR on How Murray Saved Christmas may not happen, though I’ll try. The AVGN post will certainly have to wait till next year. Last thing I can say, this is guaranteed, will be my end of year movie list and outlook posts for 2015 in terms of gaming and film. (I’ve discussed these prior).

That’s all I have for today. Again, very short update this time, but I’ll keep you posted Sunday to let you know where I’m at. If I can’t get anything out to you guys in time. I wish all of you a Happy Holidays! Thanks for the support you guys have given me so far.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!


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