Weekly Update (12/14/14): Holiday Schedule & Whatnot

Greetings peeps!

Hope you are all having an awesome week so far. We’re getting closer and closer to that holiday break we’re all looking forward to; unless of course you’re already on your winter break of course. So until then, I want to wish everyone a Happy Hanukkah if that’s what you celebrate, Happy Last Week of Fall if that’s what you want to call this colder time, and Happy Last Week of School if that applies to you.

Speaking of which, this week we have much to discuss in terms of the holidays and this blog. So, let’s get right into the blog news.

I’ll begin with the schedule I’m looking at currently. This week is my final week of school. I take midterm exams from Tuesday to Friday this week with Monday being the last day to review. Monday and Tuesday are full school days while Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are late start days. Friday is also made even shorter by my not having a seventh period class.

This week will probably not be light on content because of the late starts translating to late nights where I can write. However, late nights also translate to much needed study time. So that may affect blog activity this week until the weekend. Hopefully not though.

But what about the rest of the month leading into January. Yes my winter break starts Saturday, December 20th, and I go back to school Tuesday, January 6th. I would love to say that this meant nonstop posting for me, but I’m not too sure of that. Next Monday I will be on a train heading to New York for Christmas. I’ll be back home December 29th. Originally I was going to return New Year’s Eve, but we figure that we come home earlier and open what’s under our own tree.

My New York trip seems to be filled with vacation plans. Other than spending time with several waves of family, we’ll be sightseeing and attending a show at the Radio City Music Hall. I doubt I’ll be in business during that time, but you never know. I do know that my train ride takes 24 hours. So I’ll start writing on the train in attempts to spread them out throughout the holiday season. The train ride back will also be a good time to post. But I assure you that you will see content December 30th onward.

As for what I will be posting till then, I have some ideas.

I’m very well aware that I’ve been pandering to the gaming side of my blog for the past couple of weeks, and apologize to those who also like the TV and movie section of my blog. But there will be content for those sections coming soon.

Because all of my TV shows are on their mid-season break, it’s now time for me to give my thoughts on all of those shows like I promised a while ago. The following shows will be discussed in the coming weeks: Supernatural, Big Bang Theory, Selfie, Scorpion, and possibly Once Upon a Time. I may also add the show Blackish to my repertoire. I also may catch up with South Park in the coming weeks.

There is this one topic I want to talk about that concerns pilot episodes. I may make it happen in the coming weeks. I think you guys will like it.

Lastly, I would like to announce the subject of my next SBox Recommends (if not the one after the next one). I will be reviewing the Christmas special “How Murray Saved Christmas”. This will be due out by Christmas.

In terms of movies, you may not be seeing much movie related posts until the end of the month when I rank my favorite movies of the year and give an outlook to next year.

But I have a Star Wars related post I wish to bring to you all. I’m sure you will like it as it introduces a new segment on my blog which will be called “Newcomer’s Perspective”. At the time I make this post, I will also give you my thoughts on the new Star Wars Episode VII trailer.

I’ve been wanting to touch on the whole Sony hack for the past week, but don;t exactly know which angle I want to take it by. However, there’s a certain topic that has peaked my interest with what was revealed in this hack. It may be a little pointless at this time, but I want to talk about some of these leaks in the future. Perhaps I will in a small while.

Last for movie related posts, I want to also give you an SBox Recommends review of the AVGN movie. Once I finally see the movie, I’ll get right to work.

Now for gaming. There is plenty to talk about in terms of games and that part of my blog will probably not slow down. Like with movies, I will also give you an outlook for 2015 in terms of favorite games. I may also overview this year in the gaming world because we had a lot of issues arise. (That’s optional).

Until the end of the year, I want to talk about Kingdom Hearts eventually. That may come up in a “Newcomer’s Perspective”. You’ll actually be seeing a lot of Kingdom Hearts content here in the future.

I also have a very overdue 7th Gen In-Review to make. Stay tuned for that.

Other than that, everything else from here on out will be impromptu. There are plenty of games I want to talk about some time soon on this blog. However, I will say that Christmas may bring about a ton of SBR reviews. Maybe I will finally review a game on this site.

The last thing to address is that I have officially hit 900 views on this blog as of Thursday. I want to once more extend my thanks to you all for continuing to surprise me every day. As promised last week, there will be 2 Top 5 lists to compensate for the lack of 800 View Special. The two lists I plan to make involve Christmas in one way or the other. Expect that some time before Christmas.

That’s all I have for now. Once again, thank you all for helping me reach over 900 views this week. In the future, I’ll be looking for new ways to repay you for all you do. Stay tuned for more content, because I’m not going anywhere anytime soon.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!


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