Why I Decided Not to Make An 800 View Special (Yet)

Greetings peeps!

As I have stated in my recent update post, I reached a milestone of 800 views last week. I would like to take this opportunity to thank anyone who has ever read anything I posted. Soon it will have been 5 months since I started this hobby and I’m honestly shocked at how many times people have taken an interest in my work. It also astounds me how quickly this blog is growing. Everyday the blog gets bigger and bigger because of you. Thank you so much for being so kind as to lend even a second of your time to anything I wrote.

As some of you may know, I celebrate every 100 views with a top 5 list. I do this as a simple way of showing you a little more about myself. I will not being making such a list this time around (as mentioned in the title), but let me tell you why.

I’ve been debating with myself with what list I would be making this time around for the last week. Many ideas came to mind, but I had difficulty with all of them. Eventually I did find a topic worth pursuing, but I am still having difficulty making the list. Additionally, the time its taking to figure things out with is becoming a bit of a problem.

For one thing, I have put off all other topics until this list is made, though I have several topics I really want to make at this time. This is sometimes referred to as a “creative constipation”. Plus, if I wait much longer to post this list, it will no longer be relevant. Less than a week later and I’m already so close to 900 views.

With these factors in mind I have come up with a solution. In order to get content out for you guys this week and still make this post, because the last thing I want to do is deprive it from you guys, there will be two Top 5 lists posted for my 900 view milestone. That way I can take my time to make this list good, and I still have a Top 5 list posted for that milestone.

It also allows me the rare opportunity to make two-part Top 5 list. In lieu of the list for the moment, I would like to tell you exactly what top 5 list I will be making. Currently they will be holiday themed. The 800 View Special (Part 1) will be my 5 favorite Christmas specials, and the 900 View Special (Part 2) will be my favorite Christmas episodes. Note that these may be inverted or slightly changed over time. Rest assured that at the very least the theme will remain Christmas.

Until then, I hope to have something out to you guys by Thursday and hopefully an addition post later this week. I have a lot of things to cover from the PlayStation Experience and Video Game Awards, so expect some impressions of the highlights soon.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!


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