Weekly Update (12/7/14): Gaming, Planning, & Whatnot

Greetings peeps!

Welcome to my weekly update, where I talk of life, the blog, and everything else in between. How are all of you this fine day? Between all of the controversies, riots, and security breaching this past week, I’m sure a lot of you had a lot to talk about.

Me, I’m doing pretty well. Got through the one of the last school weeks of the year with a somewhat decent set of grades. Considering what I’ve put up with the past month, I’m surprised I’m not doing worse. All that’s left in terms of shoo, is to review for the midterms this week, and then take the midterms next week. There is a late day this Thursday to break up the tension as well. Life in general is pretty good too. Not much to it besides final planning for our family trip and preparing for the holidays.

There’s also some planning for this blog I’m trying to attend to. So, let’s lay it all out with our blog news.

Last week I was able to successfully get 3 posts up. I meant to make 4, but at least I hit a standard number. I can attribute the smooth posting time with the lack thereof homework. This is the last few weeks of school after all. In fact, I only have one test left before midterms. I digress, though. Because regular learning is mostly over, there will also be no homework this week. That means I’ll be able to get a decent amount of posts up this week as well. (Hopefully I can keep to that claim).

What will I be writing about. Mostly gaming related stuff, but I do intend on catering to the other topics, too.

I’ll start with the game related posts. I plan to discuss PlayStation Experience in one way or another. While I haven’t seen it yet, I know one or two things that were announced that I do want to talk about. Namely, the Uncharted 4 footage has my name all over it. So, either I make one full post about PlayStation Experience, or I’ll make individual posts on individual announcements.

I have a Mario related post I want to do. Next year marks a pretty big year for the plumber, so I have an idea I want to get out before the year is over. Actually I have a couple ideas about Mario related posts. Hope to get that out soon.

Grand Theft Auto V has been making headlines this week, and I may or may not discuss my thoughts on it, though I assume my opinions are quite obvious.

I have at least one Kingdom Hearts related post I want to make. I managed to play it this weekend after intending to finish both games in 1.5 collection since I got it last Christmas. This is the first time I’m playing a Kingdom Hearts games, so I intend to talk about it once I finish at least the first game.

Lastly, leading into movie news, I want to discuss Uncharted’s movie coming in 2016 as I said last week. I also have some reservations with that post because I’m going to finish Uncharted 1 (I’ve played and beaten Uncharted 2 and 3 before) before I talk about this. It would also be best if more information were released before I make this. Perhaps when I finish Kingdom Hearts I’ll get to Drake’s Fortune, and then we’ll talk the movie.

Now ¬†for movie topics. You should know that the absence of movie posts is not out of disinterest, but out of planning. The way my plans are currently arranged, you’ll be seeing mostly movie content all throughout January. As for this month, I will probably make one more regular movie related post.

What I do know is that I will be closing out the year with discussing my favorite films of 2014 as well as sharing predictions for 2015’s film year.

As far as individual topics, Star Wars is definitely a topic for discussion. In time, you’ll see a post regarding that, plus my thoughts on the new trailer.

Then there are TV posts. As I explained last week, I decided to talk about each show upon their mid-season finale. That time is coming soon with Supernatural and Big Bang Theory taking their break this week. I’ll discuss my thoughts on each show I watch so far.

The show’s I plan to cover currently are Supernatural, Big Bang Theory, Selfie, Scorpion, and Once Upon a Time.

Other than that, I also have one general post on TV shows I’ll be making soon. Given how many shows were cancelled last month, I want to beg a certain question. Perhaps this week would be the time.

One last thing. I officially hit 800 views this week. As per tradition, a top 5 list is on the way. I just don’t know of what yet. Hopefully this week.

That’s all for now! I would like tothank every one for reading and for their support. Keep it locked here, because I have a lot planned as we enter the new year.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!


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