Weekly Update (11/23/14): Business as Usual, 700 Views, and Whatnot

Greetings peeps!

Man it feels good to relax. Compared to last week, hell the last month or so, I’m finally at peace. No more projects. No more papers. No more driving trips. No more death. No more update posts apologizing for not posting in so long. And the best part of it all is that I am back to blogging as usual. So good to be here.

I hope you all had a great week or so. Let’s talk of blog news.

For starting in the middle of the week, I had a pretty decent showing. This upcoming week will have a normal amount of content posted if not more due to Thanksgiving weekend. This week I only have 2 days of school which gives me a 5 day weekend. It doesn’t seem like I’ll have any work for the break, so I have ample time to make up for lost time.

How exactly am I to go about this? By hoping to God no other obligations pop up the next week and keeping dedicated. The only distraction would be Thanksgiving day. Here’s hat I have planned.

For starters, I’m about to or already have hit 700 views for this blog. I’m incredibly shocked because I wasn’t even here. Nonetheless, thank you for keeping with me through it all. As is customary, a top 5 list is in order. I just don’t know of what yet. I do believe it could be Smash Bros related, though. Expect this sometime soon.

I have a good bunch of Super Smash Bros posts I want to make as well. Tis the season after all because Smash Bros for Wii U is finally here. Do I have the game yet… no, but I will hopefully by year’s end. For now I have the 3DS version and enjoying it to no end. I want to review the 3DS version some time, perhaps in a couple weeks so I don;t clash with the surplus of Wii U reviews coming out. Additionally, because of the announcement of Mewtwo as DLC, I want to talk about DLC some time. Keep an eye out for it, because at least one of them should be up this week.

We have some unfinished business in terms of TV content. Out of the about 6 shows I want to discuss I only got to 1. In my defense I was writing the Selfie post Friday night until I got the memo of its fate. This makes things complicated for that show’s post. However, I also have Supernatural, Once Upon a Time, and Scorpion to discuss. I have omitted Gotham because I only watched one episode and don’t really feel like revisiting it at this time. I also omitted Red vs Blue due to timeliness be so far away. I’ll wait a bit to talk about Red vs Blue. Expect at least one TV post to come this week.

There’s also the order of movies I have. First with Frozen, I decided to put that off a small bit. I’m not in a rish to research something again after I just got through researching for 2 papers. The Power Rangers post will also be waiting by the wayside since there’s not that much to discuss that I know of. What I do want to do is cover movies through reviews some time. I recently watched Interstellar but am not sure if I’m going to review that particular movie. I am going to cover the Pikmin Short Films though. Lastly, I’ve been meaning to cover the AVGN movie. These all are options but bare with me as I weigh out those plans.

More on gaming. 7th Gen in review still needs a second post on Indies, so I will get on that soon as I can. I also promised a Sony and MS related post in the future. Don’t worry, not done with Nintendo yet, either. These will come out in due time.

Last on the agenda involves our new “Random” category. My latest post is the first to be categorized as Random. As I’ve said in previous updates, I wish to start moving into more broader topics on occasion. With that comes a whole new layer of opportunity which I will start to experiment with in the coming weeks. Right now, I may use this post to talk about modern trends, social debates, Internet, and possibly music. Now that I think about it, I may just add an Internet category one day. To any new viewers who liked my burgers post, you can even expect more food related topics.

This new topic opens the doors for this blog, but keep in mind that this blog is primarily a game, TV, and film blog. I intend to keep focus on this blog and not let the miscellaneous side-topics overrun what this blog is about. So people who follow this blog should know that I mostly cover those 3 topics.

Anyway, thank you all for reading this update. I would like to just one last time apologize for the absence being so long before last week. I appreciate the support and can’t wait to get to work here.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!


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