Weekly update (10/18/14): The Measly B, Fantastic Beasts, and Whatnot

Greetings peeps! Welcome to my weekly update, where I ramble about my life and the blog plans.

How is everybody this fine day? I’m doing well myself.

The word to describe last week for me was “unbalance”, but that’s not exactly a bad thing. It was my last week of the first quarter of school. What that entailed was a first couple of days of struggling to keep my head above water academically. My final grades as of right now are 5 A’s and 1 measly B. I’m approximately 0.25% away from an A in that class. There’s still hope though. A last minute making up of points is being offered this week which may put me over the edge. If I’m successful I will have straight A’s for the first time in 3 years and the second time in my life. Hopefully that goes well.

After that, I had Wednesday off because the school was doing a test I did 2 years ago. The general rule is “if you aren’t taking it don’t come”. That was fun for what it was, but then I was unexpectedly absent on Thursday. It was basically like a weekend before the weekend. Then I went to school Friday where I did nothing. Now it’s the weekend; a 3 day weekend mind you. I feel like I’ve been on vacation more than I felt like it’s another week. That’s why I say unbalanced. Screw it though. All that time I had to myself is a breath of fresh air.

In other news My baby egg project technically ended Wednesday, but due to what I just described I turned it in Friday. Once you completed the project, you throw the egg in the trash and move on with your life. (How poetic). I also ordered my Halloween costume so that I can give out candy in style. I’ll let you know how my Sub-Zero costume turns out. I have also been sickish for the past week. (If I’m not back next week then I probably had Ebola). Oh and we have planeed our Christmas vacation this week.

And that’s my week for the most part. Now for the important part of this post: the blog news!

Standard week for post I say. I hit my standard of 3 posts, though I planned to do more. So here’s what I have in my repitiore for the future. I’ll start with movie related news. Why shouldn’t I though? Last week was a HUGE week for movie news, and I plan to comply with a post covering it.

Before I get to that, I still have a Frozen related post I will try to get to soon. My goal is to make it before the release of Big Hero 6 in November. Let’s just say it’s best that way.

While we’re on the topic of Disney, Marvel dropped something quite massive last week. I will do my best to cover something related to the news surrounding Captain America 3 and Iron Man. I’ve been meaning for the longest to talk about Avengers on this blog anyway.

On the flip-side, DC also had a good serving of announcements slightly after. I’m not quite sure what I want to do with that, but we’ll see if it comes up here sometime (no promises).

Which leads us to something else announced by Warner after their DC bombshell. I have a working draft in order to discuss the upcoming Harry Potter spin-off trilogy, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I’ll try to get that up on Monday.

Any other movie related posts can be expected at other points of this and next week. You’ll notice a good amount of movie posts coming as I get past the TV related topics… Speaking of which.

This week will have probably 2 TV related posts as I promised weeks ago. My remaining TV show impressions are with Gotham, Selfie, Once Upon a Time, Red vs. Blue’s finale, and Supernatural. This week I’ll probably do Selfie and Once Upon a Time.

Keep in mind I probably have to make those next week because of the movie related posts. Besides, I think it’s best to wait for the fifth episode of each show.

RvB I am very late to the party for, but I might have a decent compromise. I’ll get that done as soon as I can.

And now for video game related posts. Like last week, not much is planned. But there are 2 specifics I can discuss with you.

The past couple of weeks have been discussing this whole “No Parity” thing. I initially didn’t plan to cover the parity thing, but there’s a much deeper point brought up by this issue. I’ll elaborate later. It will discuss what the graphical capabilities can mean for the 8th generation and probably the 9th generation. If anyone watches ReviewTechUSA, you may know what I’ll be talking about.

Lastly I have another installment of 7th Gen In-Review to make. I would like to announce that it will cover Indie games. expect that in the next couple of weeks.

There will be other game related content on this blog in the future. This is just what I have planned.

That’s all I have for now. Thank you all for your continued support, and welcome to any new followers I have. It’s been another great week here, and I hope you enjoy what’s coming.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!


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