Weekly Update (10/12/14): TV Shows, Dogs, and Whatnot

Greetings peeps!

What a glorious day we are having right now! I hope everyone is having a great Sunday, and I hope you all had a great week. My week was pretty good. Academically speaking, I am technically 2 % away from having straight A’s. All I have to do is kick some major butt on Tuesday with these 2 tests and try not to screw up the A’s I already have. This is the last week of the first quarter, so this is my last chance. Also, I just filled out my first college application yesterday.

As far as everything else, it’s been a pretty odd week. This week we have been dealing with my puppy going through her… um, cycle. So, Thursday we brought her to get that problem… um, fixed. It went well. To keep her from pulling apart the stitches on her… um, dorsal area, we have her wearing a neck cone. We also have her in a diaper for “I think you know why” reasons. And hilarity and difficulty ensues. We get the stitches checked in about a week, and it will all be over. In other news, I purchased my cap and gown and got a whole bunch of merchandise with it in the mail yesterday.

That’s the more interesting part of my week. Anyway, let’s talk the blog.

Last week was fairly standard in terms of production of posts. 3 posts is the usual standard for a week. This week I have a good amount planned, especially in terms of TV shows.

Last week, I made the decision to gather all of the TV shows I picked up from the past couple of weeks. That was a good idea only until I saw that one TV show was already near 1,000 characters. To give you perspective, I have 6 shows to talk about give or take a few. So it’s best to go about it individually, as planned. This works out as each show approaches the 5 episode range. So this week, expect a decent amount of TV related content. However, in order to maintain a decent pace, I will try to cover 2 shows per week.

This week, expect a Big Bang Theory post for absolute certain. Just one more revision to account for Monday’s episode, and we’ll be golden. Next I will cover the season 12 finale of Red vs Blue.

The other shows of which may or may not be covered include Once Upon a Time, Gotham, The Voice, Supernatural, and Selfie. I want to give these shows at least one more week so I can give a more detailed post for each show. The only one that could end up being pushed back further is Supernatural so that I can get 3 episodes represented. The only one that flat-out might not happen is The Voice since there’s not much to discuss. Either way, there’s plenty of TV show coverage coming.

Just to go one step further into the topic of TV shows, I have finally seen a show I’ve been curious about for a long time: Doctor Who. I started with the first season of the new series with who I believe is the 8th doctor (don’t quote me). I might talk about my experience with the show somewhere down the road, and I think I know of a way how. I’ll keep you posted.

As for movies, I have a couple plans in terms of movie related content. There’s the Frozen post that I still have as a draft. There’s a couple more Disney related things I want to do. Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers still has some news in the making. There’s a more general topic of film that I’ve been considering for a while now. That will probably be really soon. I also want to cover something related to Harry Potter. And there are several review ideas that are on movies (probably not Annabelle).

But we still have one other aspect to consider. I’m getting close to another milestone. Some of you know what that means. That means I will be making a Top “X-number” list to commemorate what will be 500 views. I believe it will be my Top 5 favorite movies. That could change because that’s a hard list to make.

As for gaming, nothing in particular is planned right now. You see, unlike the other 2 topics I cover, gaming is something I can write very impromptu. Basically, whatever happens to come up in the near future, I’ll sit down and cook something up for you guys.

However, I will promise you guys that 7th Gen In-Review will be continuing. Once I have the results of the poll found in Part 1, I will start Part 2. There is just one more topic on Super Smash Bros I want to cover before the Wii U game comes out on November 21, and that is on the potential of DLC characters. And I want to start covering a little more of Microsoft and Sony related topics since I’ve been mainly focusing on Nintendo for a while. All of this and more will be coming.

One last thing to note, The Ranting SBox will begin to have a few design changes in the coming weeks, which include a brand new logo I will be adding with a potential banner. Just a heads up.

That’s it for me. Thank you all for sticking with me through another successful week. Please don’t stop being awesome, and let me know if there’s anything I can do for you. Thank you for supporting my hobby.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!


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