Weekly Update (10/5/14): Baby Eggs, PS4, and Whatnot

Greetings peeps!

Admit it, I did much better this week than last week didn’t I? Anyway how are you guys doing today? I’ve had a pretty good week, I have to say. Between having just a little ways to go for straight A’s, talking to people I don’t usually get to talk to, going to the movies on Friday night, and getting a dang PlayStation 4 out of nowhere Monday afternoon, my week was pretty awesome if I say so myself. It was also rather eventful as I’ve been assigned a pretty demanding Psychology assignment. I’ve been lugging around a baby egg.

If you’re unfamiliar with it, a common psychology assignment is to have students make a baby egg or receive a doll and treat it like your child. I have named mine Gregg. (Get it?). So far this egg has changed the way I see public bathrooms, and this little bugger made me miss a day of school because I forgot him on my way to school. It’s been interesting to say the least.

That’s my life so far. Now let’s talk about the blog.

So last week I posted 4 posts, which is the most posts I’ve made in a week ever since the summer. However, I refuse to slow down now. As I said last week, my goal is to eliminate as many drafts as I can before I can move on. Currently I have about 3 more I want to post. One I can guarantee will come will come next week if not this one. The other I have to further research on. And one is the first installment to a segment I promised a while ago.

The first one is my Analysis of The Big Bang Theory Season 8. I’m considering this week will be the week to post it. I believe 4 episodes is more than enough for material.

The second one is my post involving the movie Frozen. Keep in mind the research isn’t exactly difficult to do. I just haven’t gotten to it yet. Also research for that is going to be in competition with a school project I also have to attend to. This ain’t no small scale project either. I have to make a 10 page research paper and a power point involving the economy of the 1920’s. Don’t worry, I will do this post probably during the week. Thankfully, I have an 11 page research paper involving the presidents alone to pull some info from. Expect this post some time this month.

The last one is the first installment of 7th Gen In-Review. This will probably be the priority of the week. It’s almost done, but I believe the post I made lacks focus. I want to make sure that this turns out right which is why it’s taking so long. No word yet, but I hope to get this out soon.

However, other than drafts in the making there are other things to look forward to on the blog.

We have a good bunch of reviews that could be/will be in the works. In fact, between today and tomorrow I will be posting another SBR review. This review is about the almighty PS4. I also have another review I might make. On Friday night I saw the new horror movie Annabelle. I’m not sure if I really want to review this movie or not, but we’ll see. If I can beat the game sometime soon, I might also review Infamous: Second Son. I also have PT to make some impressions on when I play it.

I want to do some more movie content in the future. I have one idea besides the Frozen post that I want to cover in terms of film. I also want to follow the Power Rangers movie once a substantial amount of news is released. Who knows? My impromptu mind-set could one day cross the movie part of my brain.

There will be more TV show content. Other than Big Bang, I also want to talk about Gotham, Once Upon a Time, and Supernatural. Supernatural’s Season 10 starts this Tuesday, and I think I’m going to make a post following the first episode. I feel Once Upon a Time has some writing potential as well. There’s also The Simpsons Guy that premiered last Sunday. I might cover that, too. By the way, I wanted to discuss Red vs Blue since it ended its 12th Season Monday. I still do, whether in regard to Season 12 primarily or to the show in general, I will cover this series.

And that pretty much sums it all up. Thank you all for keeping with my blog even now that we’re approaching month 3 for this site. It’s an honor to write for you guys. I hope to make this week another good one for this blog.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!


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