Update (9/7/14): New Segment, Milestone Plans and Whatnot

Greetings peeps!

By the time I post this up, it’ll aleady be my little brother’s birthday or my older sister’s birthday. (Their birthdays are a day apart). My sister likes Disney and mainstream music. My brother likes Batman and fancy sneakers. This will be a fun couple of days to say the least. I have also solved this ongoing, internal debate that has been bugging me for the past year or so: Do I get the PS4 or Xbox One. I have now officially decided on the PS4. Why? Because Uncharted 4 and hopefully Crash Bandicoot. I’ll get a XBox One eventually, but not for another year after I get the PS4.

But now onto blog news.

I am disappointed by how little I have posted this week. All I did was the last update and the intro for my new 7th Gen segment. (I’ll get to that later). I meant to get a little more done- at least 1 other post. However, my focus this week was actually on me recovering from illness. Like I did mention in that last post, I was sick with what I think was a cold. I’m better now, because I’m a boss. I’m on the very last stages of the sickness where I can still afford to blow my nose and have that dry, constant cough. That’ll be gone by Wednesday though. I am going to try harder this week to make more posts. I’ll probably have the time.

So, this update is going to mainly talk about posts since there really is no technical stuff or schedule changes to be mentioned as of now.

First we have the new series of posts I want to try out: The 7th Gen In Review. As I said in the Intro post, I had this idea for a post rounding up everything that the 7th Generation of game consoles had to offer. What I found was that the article would probably hit over 1500 words. My most preferred method was to make separate posts discussing it.

I’m not sure if I explained it well before, but each post in the series is basically going to be me discussing all aspect of the past console generation individually. Each time I’ll discuss whether the generation will be remembered for that aspect mainly. The reason I chose to tackle this question is because there’s a lot more than usual that happened in those 8 years. I think it will be interesting to dissect it. Look for that one in the coming week.

Next, we have another milestone hitting the channel soon. And I finally decided what I’m going to do with it. For now on, for every 100 views I get I will make a post telling you guys a little more about myself. I will do that mostly through Top 10 lists, little stories, or something of the sort. I feel that it’s a good way to open myself up to you guys for supporting me all this time. It really does mean a lot to me when you guys read my work, and I hope this method will suffice.

Other than that, what else is on the agenda? I’ve been thinking about Disney a lot this week, and have some kind of post I want to make about animation in general. That’s going to be fun to write, especially since I haven’t written a movie piece in a while. I’m still have a review of something to make. I’ll also be keeping my eye on Smash Bros since we are finally on the week of release. No more speculation. I think I’ll make a comparison post between my Character Probability posts and the actual game.

I’m also thinking about discussing GamerGate… maybe. I’m not sure I should. It’s not because of fear, but I just feel there are other people who can describe the situation much better than I can, like Mundane Matt or ReviewTechUSA. I do want to in some way raise awareness, though. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll make a Quick Thought on it.

That’s all I have so far. I want to thank you all for your support and for sticking with me for so long. Hopefully this week will have a healthy number of things for you to read.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!


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