A Quick Update (8/29/14): 200 views

Greetings peeps!

So listen, I’ve been working on a post all week, but things seem to always come up when I’m about to write. But I’ve had some news early this week. It’s kind of old news now, but it was my intention to place this news within the new post. I’m decided to just get this news out in the open already and away from the post. It deserves it’s own post anyway.

I want to give my gratitude to you guys really quick, because I reached 200 views on Sunday. After I posted the 100 View special a couple weeks ago, I thought it would be a while before I’d be reaching a new milestone. Lo and behold, I got double the views about 2 weeks time. As always, I would like to thank anybody who has even considered reading my work. I would’ve never thought I’d get this far in such a short time. I promise you all that I will work to be worth your time in future.

2 thoughts on “A Quick Update (8/29/14): 200 views”

    1. Thanks for the understanding.

      I actually will have a regular post nearly ready for tomorrow. And with Labor Day, I will probably get something posted Monday as well.


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