Update (8/23/14): The Transition, School, Reviews and Whatnot

Greetings peeps!

Good to see you all again. It’s funny. I’m so used to being on WordPress and on my blog almost every day even though it’s been a month. Now that we have that new schedule, and now that I’m back in school, I feel like I’ve been away too long.

Anyway, I am in my senior year of high school now, which means I now post a minimum of 1 post per week. It’s going well. Best part of senior year is that most days I get out earlier than before. My classes are interesting and easy-going. All I have to do is get ready for college. But enough about me.

First order of business, Last week was a pretty standard example of what the rest of the year is going to look like. I made technically 3 posts last week: The update, my Supernatural predictions, and my Smash Bros roster thoughts. Let me assure you that when I say I’ll get 1 post per week, it doesn’t mean there will always be 1 post every week. I’ll get a blog post up any time I can afford to. So it could be 1, it could be 3, it could be more. All I mean by the minimum of 1 is that I will always give you at least an update post every week. Some weeks I’ll only be able to give the update until I get some more time, but the purpose of the update is to let you know when that happens.

But overall, this seems to be the schedule that will work for me for now on. I had accomplished more than I thought I would last week, so I’m gonna stick with it.

Next order of business is the review I promised. I’ll be lying if I told you I have written anything down. My intention was to start writing the review middle of last week. Along comes that Smash Bros leak, and that took priority. So, I appreciate your patience with that review. I promise to you guys that either I get a review of Guardians of the Galaxy posted sometime soon, or it’ll be a review of something else. I have several candidates for reviews, but I want to see what I’m doing with Guardians first. I’ll probably have to see the movie one more time in order to refresh myself on what happened, but that won’t be a problem if it comes to that. Either way, I have a good memory for that kind of thing. I think I can do this, and I’m aiming for this week (no promises).

So, what’s coming in the future? Well after seeing Guardians last weekend, I want to in addition to the review, make another post discussing Guardians. Other than that, I really don’t have too many ideas at the moment. But that’s kind of how I role with this blog. Every post I made comes either from a piece of news or an occurrence that happened to me that day. I just go with the flow, and that’s how I make my posts. Rest assured, I will be posting something this week.

That’s it from me today. I want to thank all of you for sticking with me during this time of change. Hopefully we can all get in a groove of things after a couple of weeks. I may be slowing down for a while, but I’m not quitting anytime soon. Besides, I almost have 200 views on this blog. I may have to plan something special for that day.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!


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