Update (8/9/14): Next Week, New Topics and Whatnot

Greetings peeps!

Yep, I decided to make these updates a weekly thing. They are so much easier to put up and alert the people who read the blog most of what’s going on with me and the site. These will be life-savers when I go through the final schedule change soon. Anyway, with that in mind I am going to test the waters with these update posts as to what I can do to make them more appealing. For now, I’ll be as straight forward as I possibly can, give you the necessary information, and add/subtract things as I go.

Okay, so I’ve been talking about it for a while, but for those of you who don’t know there will be a schedule change starting Monday, August 18 and will be going on for a good few months. At that time, content from me will drop from at least 3 posts per week to at least 1 post per week. The reason for this change is in the interest of schooling.

Keep in mind when I say this I do not mean that there necessarily WILL be just 1 post per week all the time. In most cases, and especially during August, I intend to be posting almost as frequently as I am right now. I just place the bare minimum of 1 to cover my rear-end when it comes time to buckle down on school that week. Say there’s this huge assignment I have to get done which takes precedence over blogging and general merriment. I’ll get at least 1 post up for the week.

Again that starts next Monday. This means that this is the last week to expect at least 3 posts per week. Thank you for your understanding. This is just something I have to do.

Second order of business. I told you guys last week that I was unable to see Guardians of the Galaxy and will try to get see the film this weekend. That seems to not be happening. I will see the movie eventually and post the review up after I see it, but it will take a while longer.

In its stead, I do want to give you guys a first taste of SBox Recommends. Today, just a couple hours ago, I saw the movie Divergent. Part of me is skeptical of starting with this movie for my first WordPress review, but I do genuinely want to share my thoughts on the movie. So I am going to try to review the movie. As I explained before, my reviews don’t rely on relevancy. I review things as I wish to whether it’s a couple months old or a couple decades old. There’s no finite date to expect it as my reviews do take a while before I’m satisfied with them. Just know that it’s an idea that I may or may not go with.

Now, when it comes to this upcoming week, it may be a bit busy for me. This week I am expecting visitors from out of town who will be staying with us. I’m not sure what the plans are for when they are here, but I’m sure at least 3 of those days involve me not being at my computer. On top of that, I still have a bit of back-to-school shopping to do. I am going to work frivolously to get some posts on time. If for any reason I can’t get at least 2 more posts up this week, I’ll make it up to you guys somehow.

As for content, well I do intend on talking about Super Smash Bros a couple more times before its release. This go especially for when new characters are announced. I think “character probability” posts about Smash Bros have run their course, but there are plenty more to discuss, including a draft I’m currently working on. I also still have a post on the show Supernatural I want to post soon. I think the post you can be expecting in the next couple of days involves a certain Nicktoon you may have heard of. Oh and The Avengers! There’s definitely something I want to discuss about The Avengers.

That’s pretty much everything I have for you guys this week. I want to once again thank everyone who got me to over 100 views this week! I am seriously honored to have been worth your time, and hope to provide more of the content you’ll enjoy in the future. And never forget that I do take requests, so don’t be afraid to ask for me to discuss a certain topic. I’ll do my best to comply.

In the comments, I would like to know what you all think I should do during these weekly updates. What do you think I should include to make them more interesting to you. This is going to be the most recurring content on my blog, so let me know what I can do. Perhaps I can answer questions or something.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!


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