Update (7/17/14): Plans, Schedule, and Whatnot

Greetings peeps!

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank anyone and everyone who read my content so far. In 4 days I have gained 6 followers and had the pleasure of talking to and meeting many interesting people. My first couple days at WordPress have been nothing but positive and it is my hope that I can extend the appreciation I have to you in whatever way I can. Hopefully giving you some good content to read can be a good place to start.

With that said, because this is a developing blog I am still in the experimentation process. I apologize if there isn’t much consistency in the next week or so, but I’m still trying to get into a groove with things. However, I have been coming up with a plan of action and a means of scheduling that will make up the blog a source of regular and consistent content.

First I want to discuss the schedule. This was the aspect I struggled the most with deciding. You see, this isn’t my first blog. I had it running for 2 months until I abandoned it due to real-life conflict. I intend for this not to happen again so I developed a schedule I can work around.

Between July 21 and August 17 of this year, there will be 1 (maybe 2) post per day. There will be some exceptions to the rule because life may very well get the best of me, but I will do my best to keep that schedule. August 18 and beyond will see a different schedule pattern. The site will switch to at least 1 post per week. The reason for this change is due to schooling in my area beginning at that time.

For the remainder of time before July 21, content frequency will be random because of an outing this weekend.

Speaking of content, some of you may not know what I will cover on this blog. I basically cover gaming, television, film, and other assorted means of entertainment. This ranges from editorials to reviews, to news coverage. I do take requests on topics to discuss, so be free to ask.

To give you an idea, as a form of gratitude to you all for being reading my work, here are some of the upcoming content I will cover at one point or another:

  • Analysis: The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie reboot
  • Should there be Friends reunion?
  • Big Bang Theory Season 8 Predictions
  • Supernatural Season 10 Predictions
  • Rant: Games Left in Limbo
  • How to Bring Crash Bandicoot to the Next-Gen
  • Analysis: Ready Player One movie

These are ideas I have for the coming weeks or months. Hopefully this gives you an idea of what this blog will cover.

That’s all I have for now. Once again, thank you for everything guys! Please let me know if you have any questions or requests for me.

I’m SBox180. Thanks for reading!

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